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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "cheering from the bleachers" - LVRBOY

Released on the anniversary of his father’s passing, LVRBOY’s latest single “cheering from the bleachers'' is an ode to the man who raised him. He has said that he wrote this song, “about how I know my # 1 fan is still cheering me on, even though he’s gone”. There is nothing like a parent’s love and unconditional support, and once this is stripped away one can find themselves constantly reminiscing on what it felt like. This is certainly the case for LVRBOY, as he recounts the feeling of his dad cheering him on at various football games and band gigs, and how he knows his dad is still there to cheer him on, even if he is not able to be present. The song itself is simple, starting with just a guitar track and slowly building to incorporate various instruments throughout the chorus to add to the ambiance. The bridge slows back down again to just LVRBOY and a guitar, allowing the song to take a somber approach.

As could be assumed with a heavy topic such as this, LVRBOY’s lyrics are emotional and hard hitting. His grief is prominent throughout the song, as he recounts the different ways he misses his father. Throughout the chorus and verses, he sings lines like, “You’re still in the room / Cuz you're half of who I am”, “It don't feel right the empty space / where you were”, and “Now I'm getting older and you stay the same age that you were in the picture frames”. In my opinion, the titular lyric at the end of the chorus is the most emotional and poetic. He sings, “When I close my eyes / I swear that I still hear you / cheering from the bleachers”. He feels right back in the moments where his father was there with him, and longs for this feeling to return.

With his upcoming sophomore album “jordan” (release date May 10th), LVRBOY has a lot to prepare for. The Nashville based singer-songwriter has album release shows planned in both Nashville and Los Angeles, and is still riding the high of his various single releases. He has amassed almost 7,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and has been releasing music since 2019. His style is similar to that of Benson Boone, Shawn Mendes, and Dean Lewis, with a pop soundscape but emotional lyrics that tell stories about his life. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more music from LVRBOY, and maybe even pop out at one of his shows!

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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