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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Chemistry" - Mattia Pironti

Mattia Pironti Chemistry Cover Art

Sometimes you just can't help but be drawn to someone. It may or may not be love, but it's clear there's something chemical pulling you together and into their orbit. Mattia Pironti expresses this beautifully in his single, "Chemistry," reflecting on a situation where he feels inexplicably infatuated with his love interest. He notes in the lyrics how he doesn't fall in love easily but finds himself craving the presence of this special someone, explaining the feelings by singing, "It’s just chemistry between you and me." One of three singles released by Pironti this year, "Chemistry" is currently the artist's top song on Spotify.

A blend of indie and commercial pop, Mattia Pironti delivers a captivating performance on "Chemistry." The track features Pironti's smooth vocals, infectious melodies, rich harmonies, and driving beats, creating an upbeat and memorable soundscape that reflects the joy the lyrics depict. Energetic and playful guitar riffs round out the song's composition, adding a flavorful layer to the compelling instrumentals. "Chemistry" balances the laid-back verses with explosive choruses, keeping listeners hooked from start to finish. Having a sound similar to today's pop icons, "Chemistry" feels inspired by acts like X Ambassadors and Ed Sheeran.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Mattia Pironti is a pop singer-songwriter on the rise. The artist began his journey in Israel, competing on the hit TV show The Voice Israel and being coached by Aviv Geffen. Pironti later went on to move to Boston, attending Berklee College of Music until he left the area to perfect his live act in Italy. He performed several live shows in historical cities like Florence and Rome, drawing in crowds of up to 300 people. Building a strong catalog of music, Pironti has since recorded a full-length album and several EPs, drawing on the connections he made during his time at Berklee. Some of his popular releases include "Somebody Else," "What's Wrong," and "Don't Stand a Chance."

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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