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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Chewing Gum" - Maia Malancus

Have you ever listened to one a song for a second time and realized the lyrics are more meaningful than you thought? That’s probably going to be the case with Maia Malancus’ latest single “Chewing Gum”, a funk and EDM pop track that's more than meets the eye. Maia weaves in the themes of independence and confidence of someone who’s over a breakup between her insanely catchy choruses on this banger of a song.

“Chewing Gum” kicks off with a funk style bass and guitar riffs to get the track’s energy grooving without a second to spare. Maia starts singing about what sounds like the aftermath of a toxic breakup, where she has realized she’s happier on her own and doesn’t need her ex back any more. When the chorus hits, the percussion is in full swing with the funk instrumentals while Maia’s “chewing gum” verse ensures that you’ll have this song stuck in your head. Maia doesn’t waste any time on the bridge either, calling back to the opening themes before hitting you with another chorus before you even stop dancing.

Maia Malancus’ music career has been going since long before she released her first song, finding massive success in her home country of Romani. Her skills have not only landed her voice acting roles but also put her in the spotlight for some of the biggest talent shows in her country. With an ever growing fan base, Maia’s future work will surely be turning heads around the world.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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