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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: Chloe (TOBER & CharlieWonder Remix) - Two Friends x TOBER x CharlieWonder

"Chloe (TOBER & CharlieWonder Remix)" is an upbeat rendition of "Chloe," a record by the LA-based production group, Two Friends, featuring pop-punk singer Jutes. In "Chloe," Jutes grows in affection for Chloe, someone he recently met through a one-night stand. Curious about their feelings towards him, Jutes questions whether it'd be wise to reach out and pursue a more serious relationship. However, aware of the possibility his feelings aren't mutual, Jutes is ready to wish he'd never shared an intimate moment with Chloe if necessary. But dealing with the pressure of his mom asking for Chloe, aside from his lingering thoughts of her, Jutes wants closure, regardless of the outcome, to put his heart at rest. In "Chloe (TOBER & CharlieWonder Remix)," TOBER and CharlieWonder leave the original message unchanged while sonically providing listeners with a new perspective on Jutes's dilemma.

"Chloe (TOBER & CharlieWonder Remix)” is a radio-ready song that spans two minutes and thirty-nine seconds. The short duration of the remix is a result of an increase in tempo from the original "Chloe," which is slower by about 26 BPM. While the original utilizes guitar to drive the song forward before incorporating rhythmic elements, the remix heavily consists of piano, synth bass, and a steady percussive pulse. As the remix transitions from one section to another, the pulse continues through melodic instruments, such as the piano, while new percussion appears and adds grit and volume. Once reaching the chorus section, the remix provides a substantial amount of energy to the original Two Friends record. And while "Chloe" by Two Friends may be more suitable for cruising at night or playing in the lobby of your favorite fast-food restaurant, the remix is a banger to raise a solo cup to while being unapologetically emotional about a recent one-night stand.

CharlieWonder and TOBER are DJs/producers from Denver, Colorado. Over the past two years, they have significantly grown in popularity within the dance music scene, amassing over 150,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. As long-time supporters of TOBER, DJ/producer duo, Two Friends, based in Los Angeles, California, locked in with him and CharlieWonder for their latest single, "Chloe (TOBER & CharlieWonder Remix)." Since the single's release in January of 2023, it has reached over 300,000 streams on the Spotify platform. Despite the achievement, CharlieWonder and TOBER remained dedicated considering the release of their single "Stereo (CharlieWonder and TOBER Remix)" later that month. While Two Friends has already solidified their spot in the music industry since 2014, CharlieWonder and TOBER are persistent, consistent, and on a clear path towards building their personal success story.

Written By Jeffrey Ade





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