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  • Julia Hooper

Review: "Chlorine" - Ella Lombardi

Often times, we mistakenly value familiarity over loyalty or joy when it comes to relationships, both romantic and platonic. Ella Lombardi’s new single, “Chlorine” communicates the relatable experience of continuously returning to the toxic people in your life. It’s easy to ignore all the red flags, simply because you want to see the best in someone you care about. Ella’s lyrics portray this heartache, yet also relay to audiences the relief that follows when you finally let them go. “Chlorine” presents listeners with a catchy, dance-worthy melody while simultaneously speaking on deep topics such as regret, guilt and grief. The more you re-play “Chlorine”, the more you will recognize the overflowing emotions of sadness and anger portrayed in Ella’s beautifully written lyrics.

“Chlorine” is introduced with smooth guitar strumming, followed by Ella’s enchanting voice. Seamless vocal layering combines both high and low registers to create heavenly harmonies and add additional depth to the song. Ella’s wide vocal range allows for high-pitched, soprano notes to make the chorus pop, while her rich, alto notes insert extra power and emotion to other verses. Wonderfully crafted lines such as, “I wore my secrets on my sleeve, I didn’t know a damn thing, I liked the smell of chlorine” convey intense emotion and allow audiences to interpret their true meaning. In this case, the lyrics communicate how broken trust can leave a deep wound behind and how it is easy to run towards something that will inevitably harm us.

Ella Lombardi is a talented singer-songwriter whose music is of the indie-pop variety. She has earned over 1.6k monthly listeners on Spotify alone, with “Chlorine” already reaching 1.5k streams, just 10 days after its release on January 20th. Ella’s debut single, “Made to Be Mine” was released in 2022 and presents as a romantic and heartbreaking ballad. The official music video for “Made to Be Mine” was released in July of 2022 and features breathtaking cinematography, with the use of both natural and artificial light, as well as a wide range of shot types and sets. Ella’s music can be discovered on various well-known, bedroom-pop Spotify playlists such as, “Volume Up”, “No Feelings”, “Nostalgia FM” and “Undiscovered Indie”. If you liked “Chlorine” as much as we did, be sure to keep an eye out for Ella Lombardi, as she hopes to release a few singles and perhaps an EP in 2023.

Written By Julia Hooper



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