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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “Chocolate, fries & you” - Mirby

We all have indulgences, yet, sometimes they only help hurt us. And a lot of similarities can be made between some of these indulgences! Singer and songwriter Mirby released her latest single, “Chocolate, fries & you,” and it centers around Mirby herself. In this killer song, Mirby navigates her cravings for chocolate, fast food, and being intimate with someone who wasn’t a good influence on her life. You learn that there are a lot of similarities between chocolates and love. The biggest one I picked up on, though, is knowing that sometimes it can be bad for you, yet also acknowledging that you love it. Honestly, I think this is a great message that was interpreted very well into a musical format. I loved it!

Looking at the title of the song, you probably would expect some kind of upbeat and bubbly love song. But the actual mood is sexy and slow, which I think works better for the theme of this song than what I originally expected. One thing that I love about this song is actually Mirby’s voice! First thoughts, I think she has a sound pretty similar to Gwen Stafani. I’m a big fan of Gwen, myself, so I think that made me appreciate the song a bit more. And I think her voice paired very well with the instrumentals, which had a touch of Charlie Puth sound to it. It was an interesting combo that I think was executed extremely well.

Let me tell y’all about Mirby, because I think she’s going to go very far in her career. Mirby started releasing music on Spotify in 2023, and has four songs released as of right now! According to the artist herself, Mirby likes to incorporate lots of humor and emotion into her music. She says she is “always trying to find and accept” herself through her music. It’s a process I’ve noticed more and more artists doing, and I think it just makes the songs better. Overall, I think this song was awesome and pretty fun to listen to! Everyone should go and listen, now!

Written By Isabel Mays



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