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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "christmas day" - Lexie Carroll

Growing up is hard. It’s not until the holidays appear that you realize just how much change has happened, and how different it feels. Lexie Carroll takes a trip down nostalgia lane in her newest single, “christmas day,” which ponders about the changes that come with adulthood. Peppermint candy no longer tastes like joy, snow is not glistening with hope, presents under the tree don’t give you the same thrill they once did when you were younger. Though the holiday still has its traditional charm—her dad still wears his ten-year-old jumper and her mom still saves the scraps of wrapping paper—everything has changed. The room that was once filled with the aroma of pine and holiday cheer, is now permeated by adulthood and albums of memories that once were.

“When nothing feels the same/ The snow all turns to rain/We’ll make plans to catch up soon/ And they’ll fall through.” Lexie Carroll wistfully expresses her sentiments for past Christmases and the times when her family was always together. Painting a picture of how family relationships alter as time goes by, Lexie Carroll brushes on harsh reality as she mentions relatable scenarios like how she and her sister catch up with small talk and make plans only to cancel. It’s a conundrum, really, how two people who grew up in the same house their entire lives can one day act like strangers. But Lexie Carroll writes it in a way where it doesn’t feel abnormal at all. In fact, these new Christmases have slowly become the new norm as she bittersweetly sings at the end, “We’ll say goodbye again with all the moments that we’ve saved/But nothing’s ever changed/Here on Christmas day.” Though the song isn’t a traditional Christmas song, the magical sleigh bells that lightly ring with the nostalgic strumming of guitar bring a familiar warm glow to the song’s instrumentation; almost to the point where you can see your own slideshow of old pictures while listening.

Based in London, Lexie Carroll is a singer/songwriter whose gift is to paint vivid pictures through her music. Heartfelt and raw, her emotions seep through her lyrics which has drawn people in since her first released single, “Nearly Home.” Achieving over 86k streams on Spotify with this song alone, she has reached the hearts of many, and has continued flourishing in her artistic career. Not only does she have a knack for blissful storytelling, but she also creates her own artwork and lyric videos to enhance her music. As Lexie Carroll continues to make an impression within the music world, she is the definition of an artist through and through.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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