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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Cinderella Snapped" - Jax

Jax is known for her unique ability to create memorable tracks that contain clever hooks and outspoken lyrics. In her latest single, “Cinderella Snapped”, she does exactly that. In the song, she takes the narrative of the typical fairytale princess, and twists it into a feminist anthem. The fiery track was inspired by a book her grandmother wrote for Jax when she was younger, in which she reimagined Cinderella with a happy ending—one that did not require a prince. Jax took this story, and made it her own in “Cinderella Snapped”. Throughout the song, the audience is left hanging onto Jax’s every word with the ingenious storytelling that instantly transports them into this alternate fairytale land. Staying true to the theme, the song begins with “Once upon a time there was a princess// Waiting for a boy to give back her shoe.” Then, the lyrics quickly shift to reveal our misogynistic society, while framing it under the guise of storybook characters. Leading up the chorus, she divulges that the alleged “prince” was “busy in her stepsister’s bed.” Rather than the princess being heartbroken about this, “Cinderelly said: ‘Plot twist.’” Then, Jax breaks into the energetic chorus that empowers Cinderella, and exposes the prince. Throughout the track, she makes numerous references to the sexism in society, as well as the infidelity of the “prince.” Yet, she knows she does not need a man to be happy and is furious that women are only seen as a damsel in distress, who always needs to be saved by a knight in shining armor. So, instead of giving into this backwards thinking, she sings the hook: “So I'll just buy a new glass slipper// And burn your castle down// And kids, that’s how Cinderella snapped.” She takes matters into her own hands, and changes the narrative to an empowering one. The audience may think the song could not get any better with the already powerful chorus and the cheeky verses, especially with the second verse that name drops several fairytale princesses. But then, Jax blows them away with the momentous bridge that calls out every single sexist and unfaithful man—inspired by real events experienced by her grandmother in the 50s. “Cinderella Snapped” is a power anthem for every single woman who is often underestimated and feel that their worth is measured by the men that they please. Jax reminds these women that they are worth so much more and these lyrics encourages them to be confident in themselves.

“Cinderella Snapped” consists of a fiery production that matches the fierce message found throughout the track. Jax kicks off the song with a brief strum of the acoustic guitar, that is swiftly cutoff by her clearing her throat. The clearing of the throat appears intentional, like she is tired of listening to the misogynists talk and has finally found her voice to speak out against them. She immediately starts singing the vehement lyrics, complemented by the bass and the tambourine. Toward the end of the verse, the tempo slows down and Jax’s voice softens to just above a whisper, drawing focus to the lyrics. When she reaches the end of the verse, she simply speaks the two words, “Plot twist,” before the explosion of the chorus. Instantly, Jax and the production intensifies, bringing emphasis to the anger and frustration behind the lyrics. The drums and the electric guitar are added, while the bass and the tambourine remain in the background. Paired with the music, Jax’s passionate vocals guide the listener through the track. After Jax sings the unforgettable hook, “That’s how Cinderella Snapped,” the production includes finger snaps, essentially showing that Cinderella literally and figuratively snapped. Subtly, these snaps naturally flow right back into the steady bass of the verse. The song continues with this flawless structure, utilizing the same production in the bridge that is heard in the verse. Furthermore, Jax completely blows away the listener with not only the sassy lyrics in the bridge, but the method in which she delivers them. She starts the bridge as normal, but transitions into singing the remaining eight lines at an impressive speed with only one breath. She not only highlights her creative songwriting ability, but her extraordinary vocal range and breath control. Her distinctive voice is what initially catches the attention of her millions of listeners, and her incredible songwriting is only the perfect cherry on top of this versatile artist. “Cinderella Snapped” is another outstanding addition to Jax’s already remarkable discography, and the single is destined to add even more fans to her already substantial fanbase.

Jax is a singer-songwriter from New Jersey. In 2015, she placed third on Season 14 of American Idol, making her the most successful contestant from her home state. After the show, she released her first single, “Forcefield” and joined the remaining Top 5 contestants on the American Idols LIVE! Tour 2015. Not only has Jax written for herself, but she has also penned songs for other artists while she advanced her experience within the music industry. Then in 2020, the global pandemic threw a wrench in her plans by leaving Jax without a physical stage to perform. As a result, she turned to TikTok where she became a viral sensation. Her immense talent caught the attention of Atlantic Records, who she signed with in January 2021. She continued to release tracks that garnered her a dedicated fanbase and well-deserved attention. In 2022, Jax experienced her most successful year yet. In March 2022, she won the iHeartRadio Music Award for TikTok Songwriter of the Year. Then in June 2022, she released her hit single, “Victoria’s Secret”. The track started important conversations about body image and eating disorders, resulting in the song going viral on TikTok and other social media platforms. The song peaked at number 2 on the U.S. Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart and 25 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 Chart and is certified gold in the United States. “Cinderella Snapped” is the first release after this massive success, satisfying fans with another outstanding track that is certain to chart high like its predecessor. This summer, she will be going on tour as the supporting act for Big Time Rush. Check out her social media for tour dates near you!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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