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  • Isabel Mays

Review: “City Limits” - Allegra Miles

Have you ever experienced the feeling of needing an escape from your reality for a while? Well, you’ll have to give a listen to this song. “City Limits” is Allegra Miles’s latest song, and serves as a testament to how far she has come as an artist! The song, which Miles said she wrote in around 30 minutes, was apparently her easiest song to write! “I wasn't overthinking or judging anything,” Miles said. “Which was really freeing.” She described the song as embodying the same vibe as when you’re running around the city at night. I think I can easily agree with that statement.

This is probably one of the most unique songs I’ve listened to in a while. First, I want to talk about Miles’s voice. She has an almost ethereal sound in her tone, and it drew me in almost immediately. Throughout the course of the song, Miles sings various different runs, and while it sounds angelic in a way, it really helped to add an extra layer of depth to this short but sweet song. The tempo is faster than what I first expected it to be, but it really does work. Miles says she already had the chords planned in her head, and after a few minutes at the piano, she let the lyrics flow. Every element of this song works together exceptionally well, and it made the experience of listening to it for the first time even more enjoyable.

Allegra Miles is a 20-year-old singer and songwriter based in Palm Beach, Florida. She has been involved with music since she was around four years old. However, she really began to branch out in the industry when she started getting involved in various musical competitions. First, Miles competed on The Voice for season 18 in 2020, where she made it to the semifinals. Then, Miles competed on the 20th season of American Idol in 2022. There, she made it to the Top 14. Since competing in these shows, Miles has focused her attention not only on her education, but in her performances. She regularly performs at restaurants and festivals, and has even gone on nationwide tours with artists such as BabyJake and Fritz Hager. Allegra Miles is going to go really far in her career. I remember watching her on The Voice, and I told myself the same thing back then. I genuinely cannot wait to hear what she releases next.

Written By Isabel Mays



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