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  • George McSherry

Review: "Close To Me" - ARYAN

Flashing lights inspired by the color scheme of pastel chalk packs paint the walls of the club in my head. It's about 11 pm and I'm about one drink away from the ideal state for a night out as I swing beads of sweat onto the club floor, switching between my best attempts to kink my neck muscles and singing against booming speakers that drown out my voice. The crowd pulses and bounces as the waves of sound push their way through the masses. I've never been clubbing in Miami, but I'd imagine this would be how it feels, or at least how it should feel.

Dreamy synths and understated piano introduce the track before the vocals enter alongside a slow, bass-driven crescendo. A slight moment of suspension holds back a drop into the upbeat world of rolling drum loops and hi-hats to induce the head bops. A feature from collaboratorTrap Papi is punchy and tongue-in-cheek, reminiscent of Childish Gambino's earlier, rap-focused projects. The layered production, vibrant and infectious, is paired with a ranged vocal performance that showcases poignant lyricism and musicality.

Aryan Chowdhury, releasing music under the moniker ARYAN, is an independent Florida-based rapper of Bengali descent who pulls from a wide variety of influences in his production work. He is particularly inspired by the depths of the mixing and mastering in the work of some of modern hip-hop's great artists including Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Kendrick Lamar. ARYAN came to music production in 2019 with a blank slate and in a few short years, he not only has a firm grip on the fundamentals of production that establish a rich sound but also on a curated, unique personal brand complete with both structure and flair. Keep an ear out for his upcoming album, "Redacted".

Written By George McSherry



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