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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Closer" - Eden Rain

"Closer" is a soft indie pop song by rising singer-songwriter, Eden Rain. The track poignantly details trying to comfort a loved one through grief. As she sings about feeling helpless, wishing that she could help them navigate the pain, and trying to be there as they pull away, we are drawn into Eden's experience. The tear-jerking track is the perfect addition to any playlist, especially if you have ever felt yourself trying to hold on and be there for someone that was slowly slipping away. Grief is a difficult thing to navigate, and it can be impossible to watch someone you love struggle with it.

"Closer" comes as the much anticipated follow-up to Eden's 2023 EP, But I'm Alright Now. It is a deeply emotional track between a guitar-laden production and raw-sounding vocals. In the vulnerable refrain, Eden sings, "It's hard to watch you skirt the edge / While I sit on my hands" and "Come closer, my love / Come closer, my love." Through the song, we are brought into her desperation to help this person that she loves, who she can see losing themselves in the grief and pain. In authentic lyricism, she admits that it did not kill her this much when she's lost people that she's loved, she just wants to be there to help them through this, and wonders if she should just wait it out until it hurts them less.

Eden Rain is an indie pop artist that debuted in 2021 with her single, "Wake Up, Your Stuck." In "Closer," her ability to get honest and vulnerable in her penmanship shines, bringing us as listeners inside her life. Since she first hit streaming platforms, she has amassed over 14,000 monthly listeners and hundreds of thousands of streams on Spotify alone. If you enjoyed "Closer," make sure to check out the rest of her discography. You can also keep up with all the latest information on Eden Rain and her music as she enters this next era by following the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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