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  • Kaiana Lee

Review: "Closer" - Rozell x Zach Sorgen x Jvzel

Let's get closer. For far too long has the world been divided. We're all rushing past each other and only allowing the love we have time for. The world should slow down and recognize we're all deserving of love and should welcome it with open arms. Rozell wants to help the world get closer and accept love for what it is. Put down the aggression and the fast-paced lifestyles and just love. With the help of Singers Jvzel and Zach Sorgen Rozell uses pop elements to remind everyone to let love in on his track Closer.

Closer is an amalgamation of genre and sensations. Blending EDM with true pop textures adds a type of positivity to the atmosphere of the track that we haven't heard in music in some time. Rozell plays with emotive pianos and heavy drum beats to make the emotions punch even harder on the record. Both Jvzel and Zach Sorgen feature their stunning vocals on the track making it a true collaboration. Their vocals create a welcoming space as they duet about wanting to be closer to one another. Closer has this insanely sticky hook that will surely have anyone feeling good. The way the track explodes into the chorus is beautifully done and rounds out the intensity of the message being conveyed. Make love not war, find love in each other, and bring the world closer.

Rozell is a DJ and producer from the United Kingdom. He is based in Los Angeles and has gained major traction in the music industry. Music is his escape. He uses his time on stage as a way to work off the pressures of life and just be in the moment. When it comes to his music he uses his genre-blending and bender abilities to create unique textures in his music. Each track has a fun EDM-inspired backing and sometimes incorporates incredible vocalists with them. His breakout track, No One Knows My Face with Sebastian Peréz & Sir Jeremy Green became a hit and amassed over 1 Million Spotify Streams. The track broke into the Top 5 on the UK Club Commercial Charts and Upfront Charts.

Written By Kaiana Lee



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