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  • Melina Darlas

Review: "Clovers" - Emma Beckett

When I first listened to "Clovers" my mind naturally painted a picture of what it would be like to run through a field on a summer day with the people I love and cherish. Just feeling that sensation of absolute bliss and as if every little thing is right in the world. Emma created this amazing song that brings back a bit of nostalgia for what it feels like to be young and alive and just letting feelings take over. Similar to their other pieces, Emma creates a lively melody with a little kick with some guitar to create this wonderful piece.

This song truly captures the same warm feeling that summer has and gives listeners a little taste of what a pleasant summer day feels like. The melody is light and highlights some stronger aspects such as the drum beat and guitar. The melody is what really stands out in the song, as it is very audibly pleasing to listen to. As for their vocals, Emma's voice reminds me a lot of Taylor Swift's. Emma has such a sweet voice, one that makes you feel very comfortable. Their voice perfectly encapsulates the warm feeling that the rest of the song radiates. Overall, "Clovers" is one of those feel-good songs that automatically puts listeners in a better mood.

Emma Beckett is an alternative indie-pop artist based in Toronto, Canada. Their music has been described as "wonderfully nostalgic" (The GATE), drawing inspiration from Harry Styles, Valley, and Maggie Rogers. The successful releases of singles such as "Little Ways" and "LSD" in early 2020, landed them coveted spots on Spotify's New Music Friday Canada playlist. Building on that momentum, in February 2021 they released their anticipated full-length album Cool With It, with the track "Bad Bones" being selected for Spotify's Fresh Finds: Pop. The release of "Clovers" will mark an exciting new direction in her sound, thanks to the collaboration with acclaimed pop producer Andrew Feels.

Written By Melina Darlas



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