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  • Kyle Stiver

Review: "Code: Red (7 Years)" - Mackenzie Day


Mackenzie Day describes her frustrations on how ignorant the world can be on the topic of mental health in her new song "Code: Red (7 Years)." Day depicts the struggle of someone close to her in the pop-punk tinged track. The topic of mental health has been seen as taboo, which people turn away from. Day wants people to realize that this is an ongoing issue that we can not ignore. It is an illness that plagues many people, including the situation and loved one she describes in the track.

The track features a pop-punk instrumental with guitars, drums, and Day's vocals at the forefront of the track. Again, before we delve into the lyricism of the track, some subject matter may be triggering to some. As the track opens, Day sets up the message of the song with the lyric "There's too much going on // All at once // She's losing touch // With everyone // Finally the adults are paying attention // Only took a darker depression." Day is describing the struggles that the person is having internally, and how it has taken so long for people to listen to their calls for help. We move into the pre-chorus of the song in which you can hear the frustration grow in Day's vocals about how long this has been building up, "Now everyone is calling, calling it code: red // They finally saw some blood, now they turn their slow heads // Why did it take cutting it deep to say she needs help seriously? // It's been seven years, in the making." In the chorus, Day lets us know she's been there the entire time for this person, "Oh, I've been here." In the second verse of the song, Day tells us how family, relatives, and even the people around her have been calling trying to figure out the story now that they aren't being ignorant to it, "I'm getting calls and voice mails from Mom, my relatives // They all have questions, not to mention, its a bit invasive." Day brings awareness through telling the tragedy, that we cannot be ignorant to these issues that plague our society.

Mackenzie Day is an up-and-coming alt/pop artist. She has quickly released an impressive discography. "Code: Red (7 Years)" is her third single this year, and it comes soon after "My Psychic Said" and "Stuck In The Wrong Movie." Day released her debut EP in 2020 called "Bitter End" which featured the viral track "Breathe Out" with Lizzy McAlpine. Day is planning on releasing her new album this year, and we are so excited to see what comes next!

Written By Kyle Stiver



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