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  • Kasey D.

Review: "Coffee and Commitment" - Emmrose

Indie pop has only grown by the numbers since the 90’s and mid 2000s. Singer Emmrose

merges both the old and new in her latest single “Coffee and Commitment”; where she tells all about a relationship with someone noncommittal and evasive. This song not only feels nostalgic, but it reintroduces the classic alt/indie pop sound to younger listeners unfamiliar to such. In all honesty, It’s easy to imagine “Coffee and Commitment” becoming the latest love anthem for the current and upcoming new year.

“Coffee and Commitment” is the epitome of a “situationship” song. Being let on by someone whose real intent is to use you for their benefit, is a hurtful testimony that singer Emmrose conveys stunningly. Emmrose also goes into depth with her inspiration and personal meaning behind the song on her Spotify page. According to the singer: “The song isn’t about giving up on love, it’s about moving on. There’s no point pining after someone who will never commit to something real.” The truth behind her statement can be felt lyrically as well as emotionally. Relationships take time, effort, and vulnerability to be uniquely crafted into something beautiful for each person. “Coffee and Commitment” speaks boldly about no longer tolerating the wishy-washy feelings that result in the singer being constantly let on. This song makes listeners feel empowered as they also discover the importance of standing up for yourself and your emotions.

Emmrose is a NY based singer-songwriter with over 9k monthly Spotify listeners. Her most popular songs include “Tonight'', “It Takes Me Back”, and “Thorns”-- her music garnering well over 1m+ streams on the Spotify platform alone. Emmrose’s unique style and artistic abilities takes a refreshing and much-needed spin on the pop industry/genre. We hope to hear more beautiful music from this artist in the future! Follow her socials below to stay in touch.

Written By: Kasey D.


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