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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Coffee" - Lucie Glang

In moments of deep stress, all you need is a warm mug filled with your favorite drink to unwind. These small and simple moments often go overlooked, but we need these simple joys to keep us motivated. The latest single by artist Lucie Glang, “Coffee” is a sweet folk-pop track that serves as a reminder of the small, yet beautiful moments in life through the form of someone bringing you coffee in bed. The song comes in with a lot of positive energy, as it creates a warm and sunny atmosphere that should provide comfort to anyone who listens to it. The positive atmosphere is enhanced by Lucie Glang’s vocal performance, as her voice is soft and sweet. The song is in collaboration with Joe Pope as he is the producer for this track. The song may be a simple acoustic track, but that’s all it needs to achieve its goal of reminding people of the small joys in life. “Coffee” is the next song to listen to, as it serves as a warm hug through the form of music.

As previously mentioned, the song keeps it simple, as the primary instruments we hear in the track are a ukulele and an acoustic guitar, with Lucie Glang’s soft voice over it. The lyrics are very vivid as they paint the small moments when a person is receiving a mug of coffee. The song likes to have fun with the coffee theme, particularly with the lyrics “espressos sudden kicks” and “you add oat milk sometimes sugar.” The lines are silly in a good way as they add to the comforting nature of the song. Additionally, it’s always nice for listeners to see artists having fun with their work. What’s refreshing about the track is it doesn’t follow the usual simple structure we usually see, and it follows the beat of its own drum. While the song stays positive throughout, it also has times when it brings up those moments of sadness and anxiety, but it does this to provide evidence of how simple gestures are able to change the mood from dark to light. “Coffee” by Lucie Glang is a sweet summertime song to play when you’re trying to find peace in your life and is the next song you should add to your playlist.

Lucie Glang is a musician from northern Germany who began releasing music in 2020 after writing music for over a decade. Releasing music for the public was a fear of hers at first, but she was eventually able to burst out of her bubble. She has worked with many producers from around the world online. Her style is centered around that classic folk-pop sound that works so well with her voice. In her writing, Lucie Glang likes to have different moments in her life and bring them to life as they have the ability to provide some comfort for her listeners. While her work does have a wide range of moments she portrays, her music remains warm and soft and it’s what adds to her charm as an artist. As she plans to release more music soon, she is definitely an artist you want to start listening to now.

Written By Chantal Charles


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