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  • Destiny Rundquist

Review: "Come Away" - Rose Betts

Rose Betts, Come Away, Cover Art

The song Come Away brings us the familiar feel of indie folk music. As the listener, once the song began I felt an immediate connection back to the era of Game Of Thrones. The song communicates to the listeners the importance of not rushing life. Come Away, is all about taking your time and exploring as much as you can and not settling on the time frame that society has placed on our lives. Some of the lyrics that help provide us with this conclusion include "Dawn will come / But I will run / And be never seen again." I think this can be seen as a metaphor for life. Tomorrow will come but we don't have to dread what it holds if we choose to create our own future. We see the realization that once this little life we've been given ends there's a real possibility that we might be forgotten if we don't leave our little mark on the world. The lyrics "I'll only be forgotten / Like the shadows in this place / So come away with me." solidify these feelings for me. It's up to us to not only create the life we want to live but also to change the way we are remembered at the end of the day.

Come Away is a rather fast paced song but not in a way that makes it hard to follow, instead it's a consistent fast pace. We can follow along but still tap our foot to the beat without getting lost. This song maintains the perfect balance between string and percussion instruments, as well as some slight electronic elements. When you pair this with the artist's voice it gives the song the finality that it deserves. All of these elements work together to create a fight song, something that you would hear when you're preparing to go to battle, in this case that mood would be in reference to your own life and the battle you're fighting within.

Rose Betts is a UK born artist who is currently based in LA, she is a rising Celtic indie singer-songwriter. She made her name known with the release of her two songs War, and Take This Body Home. Rose Betts has just announced her debut U.S. tour which kicks of in September. When asked about the song Come Away she said, "It's interesting how we feel like we have to have our lives together in our 30's. It takes a lot of courage to step outside of that and be like 'No, I don't want to own a house. No I don't want to have kids.' What the world expects is heavy weight to bear, and we're all so different, we all want different things, but it's so easy to fall into trapdoors trying to fulfill the norm. I think the job of an artist is to fight against all of those trap doors, or at least examine them as they come along." What a great reminder to people of all ages, we grow at our own pace and I think Rose Betts has plenty more to share with us on her journey of personal growth.

Written By Destiny Rundquist

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