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  • Madison Spies

Review: "Coming Back For More" - LAUREL

LAUREL Coming Back For More Cover Art

From the newly introduced album titled “PALPITATIONS”, the track “Coming Back For More” from artist LAUREL is guaranteed to make you come back for more of her sound. With pop and alternative fusion in this calming, yet upbeat, track, it is the perfect addition to any summer-like playlist for this season and beyond. LAUREL’s unique blend of her shape-shifting voice, along with dazzling elements like beachy guitar strumming and the echoes of slow clapping, has brought something (once again) new to the table. Similar to the sound of this track, the opening lines of “Coming Back For More” invite you to witness an exciting connection. Detail-filled phrases such as, “Lightning, you make me feel things,” and, “Run away with you, could be my lifeline,” make your heart thud in your chest with butterflies and nerves of excitement as the track opens. As the song progresses, the energy of thrilling love and the embracement of youthful emotion and experiences flourish throughout the lyrics and sound. From LAUREL’s cooing of, “Ooh baby, ooh, baby, more,” to her insistence of, “Say the words and I’ll be yours now, there’s a direct and enthusiastic nature that automatically hooks you to the song.

In 2020, LAUREL’s track “Scream Drive Faster” took over my life and became one of my most listened to songs of that year. While quarantining with my parents at the age of twenty, lost & confused about where things were going and how I felt, this song transported me to a place where I found comfort and joy. Since then, LAUREL’s music has been in my rotation quite often, and I’ve discovered that there’s always something fresh and different with each song she executes. With “Coming Back For More,” I was pleasantly proven again that LAUREL is doing something that deserves the pop spotlight alongside artists like Billie Eilish, Lorde, and Gracie Abrams. With both soothing and powerful vocals and electronic, yet naturally sounding, backing instrumental aspects to her music, LAUREL is an artist to immediately add to your dance playlist and keep an eye out for. In “Coming Back For More,"  LAUREL once again transported me to another place and made me forget my surroundings. While listening to the song, I was taken to different, exciting places that created energy in my feet and painted a smile across my face. I pictured places like the beach – where I can run, the front seat of my car – where I can sing and be myself, and the city – where there are endless possibilities, and anything can happen. It’s very special to have a song deliver you to another place as this one does, and it is one of the many reasons why I cannot recommend LAUREL’s music enough to people.

LAUREL is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Southampton, England, now based in Los Angeles, California. Her music is a kaleidoscope of wonder – ranging from dream pop to grunge-laced folk. Themes and inspiration from the 80’s as well as club music/EDM qualities can be found in her image & sound, bringing a sense of nostalgia to listener’s ears. In addition, LAUREL takes modern trends, instruments, and sounds and infuses her music with them – making her music a fantastic realm to explore both old/nostalgic and new/modern elements of pop music. Signed to her first major record label at age 18, LAUREL has since evolved as an artist by every piece of music she has released. She leads her projects with an approach that makes her music a blend of differing genres, purposely not adhering to any sort of strict “pop-formula” and creating music on her own accord. With the release of her second album, “PALPITATIONS”, LAUREL continues to pave her own way through the music scene with content that is layered with complexity and beautiful indie-pop madness.

Written By Madison Spies



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