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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Confetti" - Charlotte Cardin

Charlotte Cardin’s latest single is a fiery anthem for all introverts. “Confetti” is a “party track for people who hate actually being at the party.” The song explores the feelings of going out, only to end up with your social candle burning out too quickly. Cardin wrote the track after realizing that, at every party she has ever gone to, she would have to lock herself into the bathroom to recompose herself. This is a feeling that is all too familiar for introverts, making this song an instant favorite before they even hear the first note. Cardin sets the scene in the first verse with the lyrics: “Always been loud in a quiet way// I always feel alone in a crowded place// I always wanna stay, wanna go// Wanna stay, wanna go// I don’t know.” These lyrics are an introvert’s internal monologue; we prefer staying home, but know socialization and leaving the house are good for our mental health. We constantly argue with our mind’s on whether or not we should go to the party or stay home. Cardin perfectly encapsulates this dilemma with the catchy lyrics that are paired with an even catchier melody. Then in the chorus, she describes the intense anxiety introverts experience when they do decide to go out. Cardin sings, “I feel like a zombie// I’ll die at the party// Yeah, you’ll find my body fully covered in confetti// I tried calling somebody// To tell them ‘come get me’// But you’ll find my body fully covered in confetti// Singing la da da da da.” These lyrics tell a grim story, hidden under an upbeat, infectious production. She imagines the worst scenario possible—a scenario that introverts often irrationally envision when thinking about going out. Cardin worries that if she goes to the party, it would actually kill her and no one would notice. The party would go on while her body is hidden under all the glitz and glam. She tried to leave, but no one was there to save her, so now she is left as a broken shell of herself. Cardin logically knows that no physical harm will come to her if she goes, but she cannot help but feel dead inside when she is out of her comfort zone. Her vulnerable lyrics come from a true, honest place in her heart and flawlessly represents the feeling of having your social battery run out. “Confetti” is the perfect song for those that prefer staying in the comfort of their own home rather than going out for a night of unpredictability and chaos.

“Confetti” is a sultry pop-song that contains an unforgettable melody and passionate vocals that is designed to be played on repeat. When the song begins, the listener is briefly greeted by Cardin’s angelic voice humming, paired with a unique synth beat, before transitioning to the first verse. The production maintains the beat in the background while a prominent bass plays the melody, providing a jazzy vibe to the track. Then in the chorus, the production takes a sudden turn. In the first half, the bass and the beat mute and are replaced by a slow piano. This creates an ethereal atmosphere that emphasizes the vulnerable lyrics. In the second half of the chorus, the beat returns with the piano maintaining its slow-tempo melody. As Cardin sings the last line, the production gradually builds as the audience anticipates the beat drop. The post-chorus contains the full production found in the verse, as the soothing bassline returns and the piano ceases. The production maintains this structure throughout the song, providing an effortless flow to the fiery track. Then in the bridge, the music is muffled while Cardin’s strong voice guides the listener through the cheeky lyrics. In the background, the production slowly builds before the explosion back into the final chorus. This chorus differs from the previous, as it utilizes the full production with the bass and the beat, as well as Cardin flawlessly harmonizing with herself in the background. “Confetti” is a perfect pop song that further showcases Cardin’s unmistakable talent and her innate ability to outdo herself with every outstanding release.

Charlotte Cardin is a singer-songwriter from Montreal, Canada. She kicked off her musical career in 2015 with her debut single, “Big Boy.” The subsequent year, the song was followed by her debut EP of the same name. Then in 2017, she released her sophomore EP, Main Girl, which includes three songs from her previous EP and three new songs. These two projects blew up her platform, introducing her to big adventures such as opening for Nick Murphy and BØRNS, as well as performing at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza. Additionally, in 2018 she received two nominations at the Juno Awards for Breakthrough Artist of the Year and Songwriter of the Year. Then in 2021, she released her debut full-length album, Phoenix, which soared to new heights. The album remained at #1 on the Billboard Canadian Albums chart for multiple weeks and was certified Platinum in Canada within a year of release. Furthermore, she was the most-nominated artist at the Juno Awards of 2022, and Phoenix won all major categories that year, including Album of the Year, Pop Album of the Year, Single of the Year, and Artist of the Year. Within a short span of a few years, Cardin has made a huge name for herself within the industry and shows no signs of slowing down.

Written By Karlee Skipper



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