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  • Alison Holst

Review: "Consume" - MADELINE.

“Consume” is the new single released and written by singer MADELINE.. The single is a strong representation of MADELINE.’s talent, and makes her entrance into the music scene an exciting one. Excitedly, “Consume” has a seductive undertone, along with captivating lyrics that draw listeners in. The song takes listeners through the emotional journey of someone in a relationship with a consuming partner. This partner is depicted to be, what one would consider toxic, and emotionally draining to be with. The toxicity makes MADELINE. question how much more she can be teared open, and tries to understand why she even continues to be in this relationship.

The song begins with the haunting vocals of MADELINE. which creates a fascinating and seductive undertone. The song also begins at a slower pace, where listeners are first introduced to the narrative of “Consume”. The transition of the opening of the song into the chorus is instrumentally seamless, providing the right amount of build up and release. The chorus is subtle, but drives home the concept of the song which is that this person in MADELINE.’s life is really consuming everything out of her. Reaching the end of the song is gratifying for listeners as MADELINE. reaches her epiphany that she will no longer let herself be consumed by this person.

MADELINE. is a solo artist from New Zealand stepping into the music world. MADELINE. put her best foot forward with her single “Consume”. Though just starting her career, MADELINE. has prior experience as a part of the group She Loves You. Being a part of this group has allowed her to put those skills of songwriting and performing into her solo career. While having her own sound, MADELINE.’s music draws similarities to pop artists such as Noah Cyrus, and has instrumental similarities to SZA. MADELINE. reveals her promising talent, with new single “Consume”, and leaves listeners eager to hear more.

Written By Alison Holst



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