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  • Willow Gray

Review: "contradiction" - LULLANAS

“Contradiction” delves into the twisting emotions behind your actions being contradictory to your feelings in most instances. An unspoken difficulty of life is realizing that contradictions run rampant. There are many things you desire but have no effective motivations to actually act on them. What seems so easy to pursue may never come into reality. Your morals are readily apparent yet you find yourself not displaying them, even when you have no desire to be the opposite of what you stand for. You pour so much of yourself into making every aspect of your life thrive, but you never flourish. Every tool is available to you to make something of yourself. You drown further further into desperation and unable to get out of this rut. is Something is missing and desperately needs to come to fruition. It is though you are awaiting permission that pushes you past your inaction and drastically alter your life for the better. However, these ideas and emotions you have remain stagnant, remaining only within the discomfort of your mind.

“Contradiction” is an indie pop that flourishes with its folk instrumental foundation and ambient mood. The principle base to “contradiction” is the simple yet effective guitar strums. These strums remain throughout the single and all elements sweetly compliment them. Familiar indie sprinkles of harmonious vocals and instrumentation blend together. The low almost whisper quality of the sisters’ vocals permeate throughout the single. The sisters' voices twist around each other alongside the ambient effects and harmonies. Each element mixes together to create a sweet melodic experience.

LULLANAS is an Indian-American twin sister singer-songwriter folk duo from Philadelphia. The duo first began their music endeavors while on a trip to Mumbai, where they recorded a song on a cotton-mill-turned-music-studio. The song they recorded here earned them 4 million streams on Spotify and kickstarted their career. They take inspiration from musical artists such as the Beatles and Shania Twain who they were introduced to by their parents. They regularly collaborate with other talents such as producer Keith Goodwin and artists like Sam Lynch and Jake Etheridge. They collaborated with indie pop artist Katelyn Tarver to co-write “contradiction”. Make sure to follow them on social media and give “contradiction” a listen!

Written By Willow Gray



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