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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Control" - Emma Elizabeth

“Control” is an easy-going and soulful song about feeling in control of your feelings and emotions. Sometimes, you might try to look or feel put-together, but everything just constantly feels like everything is just breaking all around you. It’s hard to put on a mask and feel like you yourself, are in control rather than your emotions are mindlessly driving you. Maybe it’s after a breakup, or you failed a test, or your life just doesn’t feel like it’s going right at all. But sometimes, it’s hard to be under control, and Elizabeth reminds us to slow down and take a rest, take all the time we need for ourselves.

Emma Elizabeth’s beautiful and iridescent voice lights up the song, pairing perfectly with the vibe and toned-down quality of the track. Though it’s clear that her voice has experience and volume, she aims for a more wispy feel to fit the overall track atmosphere. While her song is upbeat, perfect for a lazy afternoon, it’s also something for you to contemplate, a little bit more depth than usually bright and happy songs.

Emma Elizabeth is a British singer-songwriter who’s determined to give her audience something to take away from the songs she sings. Though maybe her songs will leave you feeling vulnerable, that's ok, because there’s silent reassurance, from her, from her fans, from the people around you, that all is not lost. In despair, there is hope, and Elizabeth reminds us to always keep that in mind, especially when dealing with the lonely or uncertain topics her songs tackle.

Written By Megan Cao



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