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  • Magen Zeng

Review: "Could’ve Just Left Me Alone" - Alexa Cappelli

Ever had a heart break so bad you wish it never happened? “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” by Alexa Cappelli is the go-to break up song. Bubbling with raw emotions, Cappelli tells the story of a young woman reliving a toxic relationship. With a storyline you can’t help but fall into a trance with amazing vocals, “Could’ve Just Left Me Alone” is a single you won’t want to miss. 

The story starts off with the description of a toxic relationship: gaslighting and love bombing. Seemingly hopeless and stuck in a never ending cycle, the young woman declares her separation from her former partner indefinitely. Hitting the chorus, the rush of emotions comes spilling out over the regret she feels. The first verse comes back with different lyrics—this time with more anger and resentment. The song ends with the second verse and chorus repeating one last time, emphasizing the finality of this broken relationship.

Alexa Cappelli grew up in Southern California where she was immersed in the arts her whole life. MTV hailing her as “a voice for her generation,” Alexa Cappelli is known for her heartfelt lyrics and ability to story tell like no other. A season 14 contestant of The Voice and the entertainment coordinator for her family created non-profit, Alexa Cappelli is nothing short of an inspiration to her audience. 

Written By Magen Zeng



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