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  • Andy Mockbee

Review: "Crazy" - Lizzy Donzis

"This isn't like you," is a stomach-churning sentence to hear when you finally act on your true feelings. You realize that people know a version of you and often reject your honest expressions. On her debut single, "crazy," Lizzy Donzis wields blazing pop-rock like a flamethrower. The sweet-and-sour melody emboldens the resentment while preserving the underlying hurt behind Donzis' expression. The verses carry agitation like a raw rug-burn, with gritty bass and vulnerable lyrics clawing at the seams. Donzis ignites "crazy" into a wildfire at the excellent chorus. Arena-ready drums and guitars flip the festering rage inside-out. The immaculate production fills each unique space with intricate detail, allowing for even the subtlest of additions to carry a tidal wave's impact. The most glorious part is the song's bridge, where Donzis briefly adopts an ethereal sound with feather-like vocal harmonies and pulsing synths. But as she transitions back into the chorus, the driving bass saps the sound of its pastel hues. It's a fascinating moment in which Donzis transforms a soft-pink sunrise into the inky black of night in mere seconds.

"People don't change 'cus they wanna stay the same," Donzis spits on the eviscerating chorus. It seems simple, but it carries the thematic conflict of "crazy." As Donzis herself grows and changes, she realizes that those around her are resistant to that. "Gotta be alone to be myself," she recites in a list, as though divulging symptoms to a doctor. As though change wasn't difficult enough, it leaves her feeling isolated from others. "I'm getting harder to relate to." As she distances herself from the version of herself they project onto her, a rift forms between them. But "crazy" is not a perfect-solution type of song. Donzis recognizes that, indeed, it can be a lonely path to living life as your true self, but in allowing people to restrict who you are, you lose yourself.

"Crazy" is the very first single from Elizabeth Donzis, but the singer/songwriter has always had a passion for writing and singing. As a former competitive dancer, Donzis gained a love for performance that spread into a multitude of passions. As an actress, she has appeared in the Netflix comedy, "No Good Nick." The single arrived alongside a music video, directed by Toby Cole. The music video jumps between scenes of Donzin in a therapy session, on a date, and practicing self care, all which result in the artist incapable of maintaining composure. With "crazy," Donzis arrives as a fully formed musical talent, with polished creative vision and brilliant execution.

Written By Andy Mockbee

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