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  • Lauren DiGiovanni

Review: "crisis" - SAPPHIRE

The up-and-coming pop star SAPPHIRE has released her highly anticipated single “crisis” following up her song “corvette.” This song perfectly describes the whirlwind of emotions you experience in the early days of a relationship that can take you off your guard. SAPPHIRE says she was inspired by the first season of the “Heartstopper” on Netflix. The song starts off with her walls up, which is when SAPPHIRE decides that this guy isn’t her type. She can avoid his eyes easily, but she should’ve seen all of the signs of this relationship coming. She questions herself, asking “why did I say yes when you asked me out,” but “maybe [she’d] feel safe when [he was] ‘round.” SAPPHIRE is denying her feelings, but when she drops him off at his house, they start kissing, and she knows she’s falling for him. In the chorus, she expresses that she never thought she would feel like this, and that she wishes “[her] heart knew what to do.” No one knows about her feelings, and she comes to the conclusion that “this is a crisis” because she can’t deny her feelings anymore. SAPPHIRE builds off the ideas expressed so far into the second verse, saying she’s never been so disillusioned by her feelings, and she never thought “[she’d] be missing [him].” But, she misses lips, and she can never say goodbye. SAPPHIRE uses vivid imagery to make the listener feel like they are actually going through this same scenario as she is.

The production on “crisis” is perfectly created, down into the little details of the backing vocals. The track starts immediately with a disco and dance-pop beat with some 80s inspired arpeggiated synths. This song is one of those upbeat sad songs with perfect tempo for an addition to anyone’s running playlist. SAPPHIRE’s voice is immediately captivating: it's refined, smooth, and it has true strength. In the pre-chorus, she adds some synthesized strings into the mix, which adds a great sense of grace to the track. The chorus is where SAPPHIRE’s talented powerhouse vocals are shown off. She easily belts the high notes and she does some impressive riffs with her head voice. The stacked harmonies in the choruses also add depth to the song, which makes it sound like she’s singing this and her friends are singing it with her in the background. The production perfectly matches with the lyrics of this song, with a fast-paced tempo that can give an anxious feeling, which is exactly what SAPPHIRE is describing.

British singer-songwriter SAPPHIRE is one of the few 20 year olds that can say they have over 100 million streams under her belt. She’s proven to be a powerful songwriter and singer, and is an innovator in the British music scene. She first made her musical debut when she won Kids Got Talent in 2012, and she was on ITV’s Little Big Shots in 2017. Two years later, she released a single, “Unity,” with famed DJ and producer Alan Walker in 2019. Since then, she’s been releasing covers and original music. Her cover of Edison Lighthouse’s “Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes” has almost 2 million streams on Spotify to date. Despite all of this massive success, the way most of her 241k Spotify monthly listeners found her was through her viral TikTok song, “eddie’s song.” Now, she has fans across the world, who will get to see the true talent that SAPPHIRE has to offer.

Written By Lauren DiGiovanni



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