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  • Jeffrey Ade

Review: "Crocodile" (feat. Kieran) - Baby Pink

In her newest single, "Crocodile," Baby Pink links with singer-songwriter Kieran to create a sense of comfort after ending a deceitful relationship in her real life. Kieran, as the feature in the song, essentially plays the rebound who suggests he has more to offer Baby Pink than her previous romantic partner. Being fed up with her ex, Pink entertains the possibility of Kieran being a better fit, which could explain her constant efforts to communicate with him and build a stronger connection. However, Pink's ex seems confident their relationship isn't over, creating a barrier between her and her chance at finding new love. Although, she does understand that solidifying her relationship with Kieran as a couple could officially sever ties with her old flame. And in "Crocodile," Baby Pink and Kieran share their curiosity about what it could be like if they finally decide to take that leap.

“Crocodile” by Baby Pink, featuring Kieran, is an average-length track spanning three minutes and thirty-eight seconds. Within eight seconds of listening, the tone is clear, with a distorted ambiance backing a voice recording that eventually leads into a guitar and percussion-filled instrumental. Once introduced to Kieran singing on the track, the purpose behind the collaboration makes sense. Aside from Baby Pink and Kieran being friends, their voices blend well together. But gluing the song together is the overall arrangement, which finds a way to be precise in creating the necessary space for each musical part and driving the track forward. If the upcoming music releases by Baby Pink are as well put together as the single, then her EP launch is a project to be excited about this year.

Baby Pink is an independent music artist from East London, United Kingdom. Her sound is known for blending various musical genres, from Electronic to Hip-Hop and Neo Soul. In 2018, Baby Pink began releasing music on streaming services with her single "Timing." And as of 2023, she has released ten singles, some of them included in her Ego Sun Fire Rising EP. Being recognized on platforms including BBC and POM, Baby Pink has become a familiar face in the music industry. But with news of her EP launch set for February, Baby Pink isn't shying away from any opportunity to show up and show out.

Written By Jeffrey Ade




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