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  • Dan Caddigan

Review: "Cross Your Mind" - Grapevine.

Grapevine.’s latest single, Cross Your Mind, is a faux retro masterclass filled with melancholic lyrics and driving synths. The song encompasses a plethora of negative emotions that stem from being in a one-sided relationship – unrequited love, feelings of underappreciation, and the realization that this relationship is unhealthy and its finally time to leave but struggling to do so. Grapevine. sings of the mental gymnastics his partner is putting him through “Like when you test me, test me, test me like one of your games”, using repetition to drive home the anguish felt by constantly being questioned; eventually placing blame on his partner’s warped outlook on the relationship “I mean I guess you, guess you, guess you can’t hold all the pain when it’s always a case of selective memory”. Grapevine. calls into question whether his partner even considers how their actions affect him, belting out the epizeuxis “has it crossed your mind, has it crossed your mind” while tastefully using call and echo to add emphasis to the question being asked. Our protagonist is torn, however, as he declares “Afraid I don’t need this” before pleading “If only you’d come back” – culminating in the declaration “Cause you come back and the distance is felt, I’ll just go all the way so you wont break a sweat”. Cross Your Mind effectively portrays the dichotomy of an unhealthy relationship through Grapevine.’s charming vocals, with intoxicating synths layered underneath to give the entire song a vintage aesthetic that is sure to transport listeners to the 80s as they listen to this indie pop ballad.

Cross Your Mind – with its driving drum machine groove, fluttering synth adlibs, and soaring guitar solo – was produced with a heavy 80s vibe that stands out amongst today's cookie cutter modern pop melodies. The track uses the best elements of synthwave, rock, and pop to offer the listener a unique soundscape that they surely don't hear every day. The guitars are clean throughout most of Cross Your Mind, apart from the climactic guitar solo which utilizes distortion and delay to really push the energy to 11. The vocals, like the rest of the song, have a heavy dose of reverb – working in tandem with the song's swirling adlibs to add a sweet retro atmosphere for the audience to take in as they listen.

Will Clucas (aka Grapevine.) is an ultra-talented singer-songwriter from the Northeast UK who has impressed listeners across the globe with his avant-garde sound and infectiously catchy singles Swim For My Life and Cross Your Mind. More commonly known for his role as lead vocalist of indie rock staple Olympia Palace, Clucas’ career as Grapevine. is relatively young – he just launched his solo discography in 2023 – but surely burgeoning. His first single, Swim For My Life, gained critical acclaim domestically after receiving instant radio play by way of BBC Introducing in the North East and further stoked the fervor of fans calling for the release of more Grapevine. heat. Following the success of his debut single, Will would go on to drop his tantamount sophomore song, Cross Your Mind, earlier this year – much to the delight of his fans. The release of his latest high caliber banger has empowered Clucas to firmly set the tone for Grapevine. in the New Year, hopefully signaling that more high-quality music is on its way from this gifted up-and-coming artist in 2024.

Written By Dan Caddigan



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