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  • Giavanna Gradaille

Review: "Crying On The Balcony" - Brooke Daye

“What if this IS as good as it gets?” That was the burning question a close friend asked after I probed too hard about their relationship. Baseline: the relationship in question is unhealthy. It’s riddled with constant arguing, endless lies, manipulation, and feeds on insecurities. A relationship centered on this much misery shouldn’t be one worth saving or stressing yourself over, right? It’s not – let’s make that abundantly clear. However, this situation isn’t as black and white to the people within them. And Brooke Day’s single “Crying On My Balcony” has given me a better understanding of the unfortunate position my friend has found themselves in.

“Crying On My Balcony” identifies why we feel so compelled to stay in relationships that should have met an early demise. The single opens with swelling synths that loop as Daye reflects on the bittersweet relationship. Through impassioned vocals, our artist captures the pained situation of “loving” someone that causes us nothing but “agony”. This evolves into ruminating on the numerous ways this lover exhausts us within the pre-chorus as the synths gradually build. From emotional labor consistently falling onto us to our lover becoming “two-faced when lying” – the reasons to leave this connection are outweighing the ones to stay. The synths then die out to be revitalized with a renewed fervor in the chorus as we come to the realization that there’s “nothing in between” the two lovers. There’s not equally, shared love to be found here – only the effort one person has poured into the connection. Daye points out in the second verse, it’s too painful to outright admit this relationship might be “another one of [our] mistakes” after we’ve invested so much into it. So instead, we stay and see the relationship through in hopes that the other person will eventually reciprocate the “heaven” we’ve given them. In this waiting period, we begin “second-guessing” ourselves and feel guilty for the resentment we’ve developed for our partner. Ultimately, “Crying On My Balcony” offers an abundance of understanding for listeners in similar relationship dynamics while reminding those outside of these relationships of the empathy that’s needed when probing them.

Daye is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter with a flair for experimental pop. The artist’s discography showcases tracks that fall under various pop sub-genres, but their authenticity and lyrical prowess remains intact throughout it all. If you’re craving to hear more from Daye, you’re in luck. Our artist and masked singer-songwriter, HXRT, released the ethereal synth-pop single “In It Alone” yesterday. The new single encapsulates modern fears of entering a relationship: assessing if the work needed to make the connection last is a shared responsibility or a job suited for one. There’s more, though – Daye also has an upcoming EP titled Me & My Mania. The best way to stay updated on Daye’s EP is by following them on all their socials. And while you’re at it, show them some virtual love by streaming their music.

Written by Giavanna Gradaille



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