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  • Grace Chapman

Review: "Crying on the Dancefloor" - PLENTY

The moment this song begins, you are transported to a dark club, surrounded by hundreds of people with fake smiles and empty drinks. They’re all there trying to forget somebody. They’re all there to see and be seen.They’re all there to convince themselves they’re okay. Some are in attendance looking for someone new. Some are in attendance to run into someone old. Many are there to get so drunk they can finally forget. A few are there to remember what it feels like to be happy. The DJ is blasting a song; everyone’s singing; everyone’s dancing, and you pray that for a moment the music will drown out your mind, but the pulsating beats in your chest are reminiscent of a heartbeat racing from passion and adrenaline. You stare at the strobe lights to be blinded for a moment, but when the light flashes on the crowd, you don’t see the one familiar face who makes you feel safe. You take a shot because whiskey has a way of numbing your brain, but when it touches your lips you’re reminded of late night kisses when his lips tasted like ice cold whiskey, and you wanted to drink it forever. You dance with someone new because you’re feeling yourself and he’s cute, but the second he grabs your waist it’s like trying to put the wrong piece in a puzzle. You try to call a ride home but your mind only remembers his 10 digits, and it’s like your fingers have a mind of their own. “Crying on the Dancefloor” by PLENTY is the perfect representation of a heartbroken woman’s night out. Too sad to stay home, not quite ready to be out on the town. Your girlfriends drag you out because they love you, and want to see you having fun, but little do they know the drink you spilled on their shoes is actually the tears pouring from your eyes as you pretend that life is good and you don’t miss him. There’s no recipe for healing a broken heart, but sometimes its better to go out with some good friends, put on a new dress and a fake smile, and dance like yesterday and tomorrow do not exist, even if you’re crying… you’re trying, and thats how we heal ourselves.

This catchy 90’s inspired pop ballad carries a gut-wrenchingly relatable message that every scorned woman can relate to. We go out to fill a void, and end up wishing we stayed home when the void expands and consumes us. We drink to forget, only to remember even more. The beginning of the song is reminiscent of when you’re walking into a club, a little too sober, trying to find your way to the bar while over-served bystanders bump into you, and everything feels like it’s moving in slow motion. The beat then picks up like that feeling when you get your first sip of your tequila soda, and you convince yourself this is going to be a good night. Then the captivating backing track livens and consumes you, and you can’t help but move your body, even if that means crying on the dance floor.

PLENTY is a Norwegian singer and songwriter. She just graduated from Lillehammer Institute of Music Production & Industries, or LIMPI as it’s widely known, in 2020. She takes music inspiration from the 90’s and early 2000’s era, and she throws in a mix of the pop scene today. Her greatest inspirations are Billie Eilish, Britney Spears, and The Pussycat Dolls. You can see her idols’ influence come alive in her eccentric, compelling songs. She is such a relatable artist, and her lyrics are exact depictions of reality for many young women and men. She is a young artist with an old soul and a lot of life experience. PLENTY is edgy and dynamic, and she makes her listeners feel powerful and seen. Her career began with her debut single “I Don't Wanna Know”, and she released her first EP in 2021. Her music takes us back to the glory days of 90’s pop. She is energetic and simultaneously soulful. She has the voice and message that makes you want to listen. Whether we are singing in our car, dancing in the shower, or crying on the dancefloor, we hope PLENTY is the soundtrack behind it all.

Written By Grace Chapman



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