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  • Morgan Fischer

Review: "Cycle" - Daniel Arci

This song, “Cycle” by Daniel Arci, balances a smooth electronic track with hard hitting lyrics that perfectly encapsulate how it feels to be constantly fighting against the hard parts of life. Life is a constant series of battles, whether it’s relationships, or friendships, or other problems like work or school. Sometimes you may feel like you’ll never get out of that cycle, where everything seems impossible, but it’s better to keep pushing instead of letting the waves overtake you. As Arci puts it, we’re all “just disciples to the ebbs and the flows,” but it’s better to keep trying and trying so “we can fight to live another day.” Everyone can relate to this feeling where it seems like nothing will ever change or ever go your way, but whenever life seems hopeless, remember that there’s always something better on the horizon!

“Cycle” is a modern, electropop song that creates and holds a beat perfect for a club or a party scene. Opening with a smooth instrumental, you slide right into the song easily, vibing to the music before Daniel Arci’s velvety voice sings the simple first verse. You’re hooked into the song immediately, and then find yourself bopping your head as the beat joins in on the way to the first chorus. That same beat then picks up pace, with a compelling rhythm and melody taking over to create an addictingly catchy refrain. Arci’s vocals fade into the background after the chorus to leave space for that bright electronic instrumental, but pick up again for the second verse. The song as a whole feels very much like its own fluid cycle, bringing the pace up and down with an intense beat that captivates you and urges you to get up and dance!

Daniel Arci is a rising pop musician originally from Costa Rica. He studied several aspects of music and music development at the University of Miami, and now works and records music in Nashville, Tennessee. With over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Arci is growing a strong fanbase with his characteristic smooth beats and compelling lyrics that make you want to get up and dance. He released his first single, “Skirts & Sneakers,” on February 8, 2019 and has recorded and released several more songs since then, including the hit “Relax, Take It Easy,” released on February 2 of this year. Follow him with the links below to listen to his music and to stay up to date on future releases!

Written By Morgan Fischer


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