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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Daffodil Floors" - Mandi Mapes

“Daffodil Floors” by Mandi Mapes has a refreshing and calming vibe in it's soundscape.

I imagine running through a field of daffodils and enjoying nature in the outdoors. The song has an uplifting mood, and Mapes hoped this song would be a healing balm for people. I can see myself listening to this song when I need inspiration or motivation. “Daffodil Floors” is one of those songs that lifts people up and makes you feel free and hopeful. It’s the perfect song to play while watching the sunset or sunrise with headphones on and inhaling the fresh air.

Starting off with a catchy melody on the piano, Mapes comes in with her soft and beautiful voice on the ninth second mark. The song has self-encouraging lyrics which holds the meaning at its highest, and it's very motivational. There is also a violin instrumental with ad libs by Mapes which ties it together and creates a beautiful and euphoric sound. The lyrics, “I’ll be running free as a child” feels nostalgic because it reminds me of how free we were as kids without any worry in the world. Mapes paints a lovely picture with “Daffodil Floors” with her eye-opening lyrics and relaxing melody.

Mandi Mapes is an indie-pop, singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. “Daffodil Floors” is a song from her upcoming debut album called Leeves that is to be released on March 10th, 2023. Mapes has a unique, uplifting and lovely voice that has caught her over forty thousand Spotify monthly listeners. Back in 2014, she released a single EP with five songs that had Country influence in it's sound. Throughout the years, her music shifted more towards Indie Folk, but she still has the same nice voice and lovely vibe that she uses to create her music. Look forward to her debut album coming soon next month!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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