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  • Chantal Charles

Review: "Daggers" - Move Like Creatures

Move Like Creatures is coming in strong with their newest song “Daggers”. The song explores the complexities and struggles of living in a place like California, but the sound of the track certainly inspires summertime enjoyment. In an animated manner, the song presents the city of Los Angeles as otherworldly and very cutthroat. Move Like Creatures embodies high-powered infectious melodies with “Daggers” and it makes you want to listen on repeat. “Daggers” is just the kind of explosive anthem to complete your summer playlists and is also an exciting way to introduce yourself to Move Like Creatures.

“Daggers” carries itself with vibrant indie rock tones, but what really sells this song as quality produced work is the lyrical display. The song’s frankness of the deceit that runs through the industry adds a dark twist to the high-energy sounds of the track. “Hit me with your truth don’t kiss me with your lies” cuts deep with its need for transparency and tiredness of the false advertisement that comes with some of the friendships grown in this scene. The song’s lyrics call for inner strength in order to fight the physical and mental solitude that is birthed in Los Angeles. “Daggers” isn’t just an anthem because of its musical style, but because of what it preaches and how it calls for wariness of what one can experience when chasing their ambitions.

Move Like Creatures is a group from Southern California that was birthed in 2020 during the pandemic through a Craigslist ad which makes for a fun origin story. The group consists of lead singer Nancy Bombard, drummer Melissa Koziel, and guitarist Ryan Reynolds. By listening to the band’s music, it is clear that their influences come from different spaces in order to create a vibrant blend. There’s a lot of transparency in the messages being produced by the band which is always nice to see, and it builds up the trust between the artist and listener. Move Like Creatures will certainly catch your eye and we will be wondering what comes next from them.

Written By Chantal Charles


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