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  • Zewdi Cass

Review: "Dairy Aisle" - Jessica Woodlee

Surely, you've either experienced or daydreamt of the perfectly serendipitous meet cute, the one that we've been force-fed our whole lives, from even childhood films (see: High School Musical) to today's romcoms (see: every Hallmark special ever). What we're never shown is what happens when this whirlwind, by chance romantic entanglement doesn't work out. In her latest single "Dairy Aisle", Jessica Woodlee pleads with life for another chance encounter just to reconnect with an ex. With soulful delivery and meaningful lyrics, the song provides much more than a visual of an awkward exchange while shopping for milk.

"Dairy Aisle" has one of those unique sounds that are surely pop-centric yet difficult to categorize. A harmonious, deep bass line introduces the track, followed by clear and quick-wit expressive vocals. As the artist reminisces about her lost love and begs for a new beginning through the chorus, instrumental tempo and her vocal range increase with great intensity, analogous to the emotion of the song. The juxtaposition of grocery puns with passionate lyrics produces a single for both easy-listening and heartfelt singalongs.

Drawing inspiration from pop superstars such as Taylor Swift and Maggie Rogers, Jessica Woodle is a multi-piece musician, songwriter, and arranger who's already made a name for herself all while still in college. Impressively, during her time as a student at Berklee College of Music, she has released numerous singles which have been featured on several playlists and radio stations across many platforms, as well as performed at assorted venues in the northeast. As a lifelong musician, her sound has ebbed and flowed into a variable, but always perfect, pop daydream.

Written By Zewdi Cass



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