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  • Jane Katryn

Review: "Dance Again" - Chayce Kennedy

In a world filled with free will, we have so many choices that it can be overwhelming when all we want to know is the path that will give us what we desire. In this powerful yet gentle track, Chayce Kennedy ponders, "will I ever dance again?" and reminds us that life is about taking our chances while we have them. Kennedy uses this song to juxtapose her past singles, from her last track, "No" which showed off a more intense and darker side, and others like "Summer Land" which firmly immerses itself in a more upbeat tone. She releases this newest single titled "Dance Again" to spread a relatable message and share a new side of her, a more vulnerable and tender perspective.

There's a flowy feeling in Chayce Kennedy's new song, "Dance Again". The way her lyrics intertwine with her vocals leaves a haunting vibe throughout it and gives us the time to think about how the song makes us feel. With lyrics like, "What if I wait too long?/Will I miss my chance?" we can see as Kennedy questions her ability to know precisely when to do things to get where she wants to be. It's sometimes scary having all these choices in our hands, especially when the paths we can take are never clear. In her words, "What if I'm not that strong?" we can relate to how we occasionally feel doubtful of ourselves and wonder if we can handle the things life throws at us. The song is a beautiful melody to describe our indecision and fears, pairing the building emotions with how her vocals play off of themselves and the dynamic instrument inclusions.

Chayce Kennedy is a powerful 18-year-old artist aiming to empower others with her music, going against the current social media ideals and pushing the concept of discovering our unique identities. Chayce Kennedy is someone who displays an innovative pop style inspired by her years of classical training. She establishes a vulnerable quality within her music, going deep within her mind to pull out these works of art that garner fan attention and a relatable feeling. She is currently working with the Grammy award-winning producer Brian West and aims to share a new project that accurately spreads her belief of how our value is not based on others' opinions of us.

Written by Jane Katryn



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