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  • Sydney Gray

Review: "Dance and Smoke and Sing" - Lila Dupont

Indie-pop artist Lila Dupont just released her latest single, "Dance and Smoke and Sing." The upbeat track was born out of Lila recovering from a cold and wanting to end the romantic relationship that she was in. She begins the track describing her feelings of sickness and continues into thinking about how different and happier her life could be if she could move on from her current situations. The dream-like soundscape adds to this theme of fantasizing, about ending her current relationship and job and finding one that fits her ideal lifestyle of dancing and smoking and singing. It is definitely worth a listen.

Lila Dupont's "Dance and Smoke and Sing" is a song that both sonically and lyrically captures the feeling of daydreaming. Here, she opens up about the disappointments and flaws in her current relationship with lyrics like "You don't even know my degree but / I know your middle name and what it means" and "And maybe you're not good for me / But you're someone else to blame when I am lying up awake." In the chorus, she sings about finding a new job and new guy "who cares to dance and smoke and sing." The tone of the song is sad, hopeful, and freeing, created with cheerful guitar and pop hooks.

Lila Dupont is a New York City-based singer and songwriter that debuted her first single "Fake Silver" in 2020. With an impressive indie-rock and pop sound and strength in authentic lyricism, it is no wonder that she has already amassed over 77 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Her track "Everything You Do" has over a million streams just itself. If you're a fan of artists like Maggie Rogers and Clairo, then Lila Dupont will perhaps be the perfect addition to your streaming library. You can keep up all with all the latest information on her and her music by clicking on the social media links below.

Written By Sydney Gray



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