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  • Sneet Efrem

Review: "Dance With Your Ghost" - ZEVY x Ferris

EDM DJ ZEVY and singer-songwriter Ferris have teamed up to release a country and EDM smash that’s definitely one of the most interesting combinations of genres I’ve heard, and stands out as one of the most captivating bangers I've ever come across. With its stuttering vocals and glitchy beat, this song feels like its transporting you to the middle of a concert crowd, dancing and jumping along to the beat. “Dance With Your Ghost” dives into the struggles of moving on from a past love. Despite the relationship being over and the pain caused by broken promises and other events, the special moments and memories together linger, and are too good to forget. Drinking and smoking are used as distractions, but the ex is still on their mind. Unable to let go no matter what, Ferris sings about deciding to cling to the memories and special moments shared by metaphorically dancing with his ex’s “ghost.”

I love the fusion of a country vocal style with the rhythm of EDM and stutter house. It’s a blend that's new to my ears, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. It definitely prompted a double take in the beginning of the song, and later a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th listen … and maybe even a little more. The song opens with multiple methods and attempts at them to distract himself from thoughts of their ex, such as: “Even a bottle of whisky, cant take the forces outta my head. Even a cotton of cigarettes, can't get your perfume out of my bed. Even a bottle of blanco, can't fix the holes to my heart that you left. All of the promises never kept, along with the things that I'll never forget.” These mechanisms are temporary fixes, numbing the pain from a breakup for just a moment. Memories are forever, and the relief of thoughts from drinking and smoking are not, therefore making it hard for the singer to move past the separation and forget about their time together. So, the reminiscing just continues: “I remember all the sunsets, watching all the champagne popping all night. I remember all the late nights snacking, barely laughing, everything was magic, yeah.” Unable to let go of these thoughts and lingering feelings, the singer metaphorically dances with the “ghost” of their past, embracing and accepting, and holding onto the memories that he struggles to let go of: “I know that you’re not mine, I’d rather dance with your ghost.” The mention of shared moments like watching sunsets, popping champagne, and late-night snacks further reinforces the sense of nostalgia and yearning for what once was. As for the musical elements of the track, the incorporation of stutter house elements adds another layer of curiosity and interest. They’re so unique that they’re hard to miss. Particularly, the chopped and stuttered vocals, such as the repetition of “gh-o-o-o-o-stttt” in the line, “I know that you’re not mine, I’d rather dance with your ghost.” This combination of stutter house effects, Ferris' country twang in his voice, and the country instrumentation, definitely made this a unique listening experience for me, and I know it would for you too. This collab sets this song apart from others in both EDM and country genres. This song has earned a place on my playlist, that's for sure.

ZEVY is an EDM DJ and producer from Boston, Massachusetts but currently based in Los Angeles, California. He was introduced to the EDM world in highschool after coming across Kygo’s remixes on Soundcloud, and fell in love. He later blew up in the Boston area during his college years by playing at universities and nightclubs like Royale, Icon and Venu. He’s been praised and supported from renowned artists such as The Chainsmokers, Timeflies and dance-pop duo TwoFriends, who featured him on their SiriusXM radio show “Friendly Sessions.” At the same time, his most streamed track is a remix of TwoFriends’ song titled, “Useless,” which has nearly 2 million streams. Ferris is a singer, song-writer and producer from Philadelphia, but currently based in Miami, Florida. He started out with music by first recording out of his truck, and has now started his own production company to edit, shoot and direct music videos. With currently over 160,000 monthly Spotify listeners, and multiple hits containing millions of streams, his most popular song is also a collab with dance-pop duo TwoFriends, titled “Love Love” that has over 11 million streams on Spotify. He is also the host of the “What the F Show” that consists of original comedy skits and feel-good content posted onto his Instagram (@whatthefshow) and Youtube channel “What The F.” Keep up with ZEVY and Ferris by clicking on their social media links below, and check out their new song, “Dance With Your Ghost,” out now!

Written By Sneet Efrem




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