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  • Cheyenne Johnson

Review: "Dancing On Tables" - The Knockaround Band

The Knockaround Band Dancing On Tables Cover Art

Second chances should never be taken for granted and should be celebrated for the opportunities they are. This is the message The Knockaround Band captures in their latest single, "Dancing On Tables." The uplifting track is part of a dual single release, being accompanied by the song "Coming For You." "Dancing On Tables" draws from the band members' personal experiences as they elaborate on the inspiration behind the song by stating, "This song is about second chances and celebrating them. This song came after a tough time in my family's life, which resulted in a rush of happiness after overcoming it. This song captures that vibrancy and elations we felt thanks to the second chance we were given."

Matching the song's optimistic lyrics, "Dancing On Tables" creates the perfect bright and cheerful sound, expressing to listeners that things do get better when given a second chance. The track features a compelling blend of colorful synths, irresistible dance beats, and playful guitar riffs, making for an unforgettable pop rock and dance pop soundscape. Memorable melodies float over the single's mesmerizing instrumentals, delivered by the lead singer's masterful vocal performance reminiscent of iconic singers like Gavin DeGraw and Train's Pat Monahan.

Hailing from Chicago, The Knockaround Band is a pop duo just getting started with their vibrant, infectious melodies and spellbinding lyricism. The pair began releasing music earlier this year, starting with their debut single, "Keep Your Head Up." They have since released two more singles, "Dancing On Tables" and "Coming For You," giving listeners a sneak peek into what to expect from The Knockaround Band in the future. Blending together dance pop with pop rock, The Knockaround Band is perfect for fans of The Band CAMINO, The Wldlfe, flor, COIN, and Bad Suns to keep on their radar.

Written By Cheyenne Johnson



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