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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Dangerous" - Madison Beer

Madison Beer’s latest single takes the listener on a journey of heartache, vulnerability, and self-discovery. “Dangerous” reflects on her previous relationships, including her own responsibility in their endings. The heartbreaking ballad is the beginning of a new era for Beer—one that is exceptionally more honest and mature than her previous chapters. Though the background of the song is rooted in multiple relationships, the lyrics focus on her most recent break-up. Throughout the song, she questions where the relationship went wrong and what she could have done differently. At the end of the chorus, she drops the hook by stating, “Guess I make love too dangerous.” Beer is blaming herself for their relationship ending, and questioning if she is “unlovable.” This song perfectly encapsulates all the feelings of self-doubt and anxiety that happens after a break-up, especially one that ended abruptly and inexplicably.

“Dangerous” is a hauntingly beautiful work of art that emphasizes Beer’s extraordinary talent. The musical composition is led by a string orchestra that resembles elegant Broadway musicals. Beer’s ethereal harmonies add an additional element of elegance that, combined with the production, takes the listener to another world. For the four minutes of the track, the listener is transported to a dreamy landscape that allows them to escape from their troubles. Likewise, the accompanying music video is a breathtaking masterpiece. Beer is seen wearing a gorgeous glittery black ball gown, standing on a platform surrounded by the beautiful orchestra. The simplicity of the video is crucial, highlighting the vulnerability and heartache in the lyrics. The pain and longing Beer is feeling is evident in her performance. The old Hollywood aesthetic makes the video appear timeless and classy. At the end of the music video, the orchestra exits the scene and the lights turn off, leaving Beer alone. This gloomy finale in which Beer is left alone with only her thoughts resembles the feelings brought on after a sudden breakup.

Madison Beer is a singer-songwriter from New York. After massive viral success over the past few years, she was signed with Epic Records in 2019. Then in 2021, she released her debut full-length album, Life Support. Beer has seen immense support from big names in the music industry, such as Billboard, V Magazine, Nylon, and NME. Prior to the release of “Dangerous”, she released “Reckless”, the lead single to her upcoming sophomore album. Beer is not only a musician, but an ambassador for Fenty Beauty and the face of Victoria Secret’s Tease Fragrances line. With a high following on all platforms, partnerships with top brands, and music that sticks with listeners, Beer is on a quick path to becoming a household name.

Written By Karlee Smith



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