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  • Kelli Dixon

Review: "Dark Side of the Moon" - Fortune Favor

Drifting apart from someone is one of the worst feelings. If that person drifts too far away, all that’s left to remember them by are memories. In their latest release, “Dark Side of the Moon,” Fortune Favor crafts a dance pop lyrical story about this experience. “Breaking up” is a popular thing to write songs about, yet I think theirs is especially unique. The lyrics incorporate a space metaphor that compares breaking up to being on two different sides of the moon. Even though the track is supposed to be about a romantic relationship, the overall story is still relevant for different contexts, such as with family or friends. Listeners will love dancing to music and relating to the lyrics!

The instrumentation of the song and the lyrics really contrasted with each other. On the one hand, the music itself makes you want to dance.One element that really sticks out is the buildup from the first verse to the chorus. The first verse starts out semi calm with a piano surrounded by electronic sounds. Once it gets the chorus, you hear a really crisp booming bass line and backup vocals. The change occurs as the singer asks, “why do I keep reaching out to you from the dark side of the moon?” It almost sounds like a rocket ship which fits perfectly into the space metaphor. On the other hand, the lyrics talk about the pain of drifting away from someone as the singer exclaims “Feels like we’re worlds apart staring at different stars.” The contrast worked really well though. It seems as if the music was trying to capture the feeling of being in space.

Fortune Favor is an East Coast based duo consisting of Marcus Munroe and William Glingerich. While both artists have had success individually, they are a powerhouse when you put their heads together. “Dark Side of the Moon” is their fourth release of 2023. If you want to hear more of them, check out their other song, “Take the Party Home.” Similar to “Dark Side of the Moon,” the song also has a good dance beat. The lyrics address a happier side of love, as they talk about wanting to get the attention of a crush at a party. I can’t wait to hear what this duo comes up with next! Follow all of their socials down below to be the first to hear about new releases and upcoming tour dates!

Written By Kelli Dixon



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