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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Date Myself" - Kayla DiVenere

Following her cheeky, self-deprecating track about being a hopeless romantic, Kayla DiVenere flips the narrative with her latest single, “Date Myself.” While the previous single explores her unrelenting hope to find love, this new track is a powerful juxtaposition from this. In her new single, DiVenere expresses her frustration in the culture behind modern dating and the continual disappointment she faces. Rather than dwelling on this, the singer switches her outlook and determines that it’s time for a change. Instead of wasting her time on guys that are not worth her breath, she has decided to take a step back from dating them, and instead, has chosen to date herself. The cleverly written track celebrates self-confidence, as the singer recognizes her high standards and appreciates her ability to stand by them. In the second verse, DiVenere sings the profound lyric: “Kinda forgot that heart break existed// When I found out that self-love hits different.” After taking time for herself and rekindling the self-love she lost, the artist has forgotten about all the hurt and suffering she has undergone. She is better without the toxic relationships that once ruled her life. Instead, dating herself gives her the confidence she deserves because she knows she treats herself better than any guy can. From their very first listen, audiences are entranced by DiVenere’s poise as the song serves as a cathartic release for both the singer and her devote fans.

With a song that exudes an overwhelming amount of confidence, it is no surprise that “Date Myself” has a vibrant production to match. The song kicks off with a powerful intro consisting of two guitars. The acoustic guitar is playing two simplified chords with an intricate strum pattern that effortlessly merges with the electric guitar in the background. The electric is playing bright chords higher up on the neck to bring focus on the lower notes of the acoustic. With this complex intro, the audience is immediately captivated by the song’s electrifying atmosphere. Prior to the verse hitting, a beat is introduced that further enhances this unique dynamic. Once DiVenere’s voice picks up, the electric guitar drops while the acoustic continues alongside the vocals. Additional synth and vocal effects play in the background as the audience is guided through the storyline. This continues into the pre-chorus, where background electric guitar melodies are introduced. The beat intensifies to signify the chorus, where the production shifts into an energizing soundscape. The song introduces a synth bass and high-end guitar chords, while the acoustic guitar strum pattern speeds up and fades into the background. The final lyric of the chorus blends directly into the second verse, giving no pause as DiVenere continues with the empowering narrative. While the original instrumentation from the first verse returns, additional synth is added, helping maintain the lively atmosphere. When the second chorus arrives, the full production returns and remains until the final line: “I kinda want to date myself.” During the last word, the production mutes, drawing emphasis on DiVenere’s compelling voice as she closes the track. With another incredible song under her belt, the young artist has once again proven her unmistakable talent and her rightful status as a triple-threat.

Kayla DiVenere is a singer, songwriter, and actress from Montreal, now based in Los Angeles. She kickstarted her acting career at the age of six and has credits in productions such as, Love Victor, Law & Order, and Light as a Feather. Then in 2020, she released her debut single, thus propelling her into her music career. With “Date Myself” being only her seventh single, DiVenere has already made massive waves in the industry. The artist has over a million streams across all platforms and over 200,000 followers on social media. Her latest releases have earned her a spot on some of Spotify’s top playlists, such as New Pop Picks, SALT, and All New Rock. She continues to impress industry tastemakers while earning a loyal fanbase. Check out her social media for all upcoming releases!

Written By Karlee Skipper



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