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  • Jenna Barton

Review: "Dead To Me" - Peyton Marie

With much anticipation, Peyton Marie’s new song is out now. Listeners can finally hear her single, “Dead To Me” while they think about their exes. Peyton wrote a song after being cheated on and lied to about it and she reflects on this experience in her lyrics. Peyton’s music style as she describes is “ music to bury your ex to” and she stayed on theme with this new release. Her music explores areas of dark and punk pop styles that separate her from other artists. Peyton has exclaimed “Dead To Me” is one of her favorite songs she's released so far and I can definitely understand why. If you're looking for your next angry break-up anthem, Look no further.

“Dead To Me” is a high-energy track with angry lyrics that are relatable to anyone who's been cheated on before. Like many people in unhealthy relationships, Peyton was sick of being lied to and turned to her music. With that, listeners can feel the expression of her strong emotions throughout. Her song, “Dead to Me” Peyton uses lyrics like: “Now what we had is 6 feet down and I finally dug myself out” and “Don’t call me baby you’re so dead to me” to help further get her point across. When I first listened to Peyton, I was reminded of similar artists like Avril Lavinge and Paramore. Following Peyton's latest single, “growing pains” I had high standards for this new track, and I was not let down. Peyton is redefining the genre with each release, proving to everyone that pop music doesn’t have to have just one type of sound.

Peyton Marie is a 20-year-old alternative pop artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since her first release on Spotify in 2021, she’s accumulated an Impressive 4,800 monthly average listeners despite only having released a few singles. Currently, “Dead to Me” is now Peyton's 4th single released on Spotify. Her third and most popular single, “growing pains” was played over 28,000 times to date and was also released in 2022. This is followed by “MISS ME TOO” and her debut single, “Liar Liar” in 2021. Besides being an independent artist, Peyton is also a music business student at Belmont University. Her music style is Influenced by artists like Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish, and Madison Beer. Peyton is definitely an artist to watch. After this release, I am excited to see what she does next.

Written By Jenna Barton



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