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  • Ari Schweitzer

Review: "Dear Kathleen" - Essy

Need to hear a refreshing blend of pop styles? Essy’s latest single “Dear Kathleen” is a rock-pop anthem mixed with nostalgic synths and guitar solos. The modern production blends well with a tune reminiscent of 70’s rock and lyricism, creating a distinctly catchy sound. “Dear Kathleen” touches on many themes, from missing a loved one to the complexities of a romantic struggle.

The track opens with ambient synth pads before quickly dropping into a stride with the percussive elements. Essy’s crisp vocals echo over the instrumentals, kicking the song’s first lines off memorably with the namesake phrase “Dear Kathleen”. The chorus features Essy talking about how she wishes she could call someone she’s missing dearly. Percussive elements briefly calm down for the bridge, the return for the second chorus. Following that is an excitingly nostalgic electric guitar riff. The song ends energetically with the final chorus being reinforced with extra background vocals and satisfyingly crunchy guitar harmonies.

Making her debut on streaming platforms back in 2018, this Nashville based songwriter has been consistently releasing singles to date. Bringing together a multitude of pop styles into her songs, Essy has created a unique discography that stands out against her peers. With her other noteworthy tracks like “Pulse” and “Stranger” putting her in the spotlight in previous years, it seems that Essy just never disappoints. While your eyes and ears should be on Essy in the future, for now “Dear Kathleen'' deserves your full attention.

Written By Ari Schweitzer



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