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  • Megan Cao

Review: "Deep End" - Alesandra Pollack

“Deep End” is a stark look at her own personal struggles with mental health, focusing on the struggle to bring up the conversation. It’s difficult to communicate to others, especially those close to you, what growth and “getting better” look like to you, and finding the language to define these characteristics is close to impossible. With preconceived notions and stigma about mental health, Alesandra Pollack’s personal connection with this never-ending feeling of never getting better, never meeting the milestones that others set for her, creates a reflective ballad that puts herself first. 

From her pure and sincere style to the poignant lyrics that hit the audience in the heart, Alesandra Pollack shows us her promising future from the start of the track. Beginning by characterizing a nostalgic atmosphere, Pollack then utilizes the instrumental to resonate into the depths of our feelings and untangle complex emotions that we may not have even known that we had. As her gentle voice brings us to a lull, her warm presence captivates us from the first to the last note. By painting the picture of a young girl who feels her own helplessness of being unable to fight her own demons, she inspires others to fight in the face of their weaknesses, knowing they aren’t alone.

Writing this song at seventeen as she’s about to go to her third treatment center, Alesandra Pollack excels at personalizing her life to those around her. Now, at the age of twenty, she’s honed her raw and vulnerable writing style to zero in on struggles echoed in the world -- from struggles with human existence, feelings of isolation, and navigating life in a society that constantly raises the bar. By emphasizing the importance of vulnerability and human connection, Pollack tackles the infuriatingly complicated feelings of being human. 

Written By Megan Cao


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