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  • Andy Mockbee


Last year, singer/songwriter/producer Grant Knoche reintroduced himself to friends, family, and fans with his second EP, FIRST HELLO. Ten months later, the LA-based artist returns with a thrilling new collection of songs, I COULD JUST DIE THINKING OF US. The ten tracks document change in its sharpest, most turbulent forms; tearing you apart from the inside, whether it's the spark of connection or shock of loss. Highlights, such as "LOOK AT ME RIGHT NOW" and "INTRUSIVE THOUGHTS" slink forward, bearing a dangerously playful grin as Knoche twists and turns over earworm, club production. Sparser ballads, such as "PLEASE HURRY," create a similarly devastating impact by foregrounding the songwriter's powerful lyrics and vocal delivery. Then there are songs like "DELETE," explosively bridging these two poles into a transformative journey through emotional experience. The track, which stands as the EP's peak, begins with Knoche's delicate and honeyed voice singing over reverberating piano chords. Taking place in the aftermath of a breakup, Knoche marks the path through the minefield of moving on. Just when the song seems to fizzle out, his voice picks back up as distortion-heavy bass ignites "DELETE" like a fuse. Atmospheric synth pads roll in like thunder clouds, while risers ring like sirens. Then the immaculate single solidifies into its final stage: thumping pop-rock baring Knoche's sharpest barbs. Finally ready to move on, the soaring noise is cut off with the click of a keyboard. Even the most intense emotions can be severed, at least for now.

As wind howls and distortion rumbles, Knoche writes from the midst of a storm. After being left without so much as an explanation, he attempts to process the inexplicable end of a relationship. "Now I'm climbing the stages of grief," he grits, "I'm adding a new one, yeah, it's called delete." The titular stage represents both literal and metaphorical distancing. In one of his most arresting lyrics, the Dallas-born artist feels the knife's twisting on Instagram. "I open the stories to a bouquet of flowers, saying "look what I came home to."" It's so real and honest, you can picture it perfectly in your mind and gut. Even from the perspective of a listener, the stage of acceptance feels unreachable. Perhaps the best Knoche can hope for in this moment is to wash his hands clean. "How could I let myself feel like second best?" The question brings a sense of hollowness. When you make someone your whole world, it doesn't merely burn down — it erupts.

Grant Knoche discovered Logic at the young age of eleven. Since then, he taught himself production and began writing music. The Dallas-born, bedroom producer began releasing music in 2017, hitting the road to play his intimate songs cross-country. In 2022, Knoche found his breakthrough with the release of "First Hello." With the song, he came out to the people in his life (particularly his father) as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. Knoche's beautiful and poetic expression of his path to self-acceptance was immediately embraced by millions. Since then, the LA-based producer has reached greater artistic heights with his vulnerable and expressive music. "DELETE" is just one of ten tracks on his third EP, I COULD JUST DIE THINKING OF US, which is out on all platforms now.

Written By Andy M.

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