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  • Camden Luca

Review - "Delight" - Anacy

Anacy Delight Cover Art

If you’re somebody who craves songs of honest lyrics and a heavenly Indie-pop sound, then Anacy’s “Delight” should be next in your rotation. The song is a heartfelt confession about her rebellious actions with a guy, something she describes as “just one night of delight”. Anacy pleads with the heavenly angels from above to forgive her for these sinful actions. She insists that the guy mislead her to believing he was “dropped from Eden as a saint in my eyes”. Contradictory to these beliefs, Anacy was fooled into one night of delight with a devil in disguise. The lyrical content of “Delight” contains a familiar message that listeners should have no problem relating to. It’s a reminder of the thrill that comes from a one-night encounter, and the potential consequences that can occur.

The musical production of “Delight” perfectly compliments the underlying message of the song. With a seductive Indie-pop melody and truly original lyrics, listeners are hooked in a heartbeat. Anacy’s vocals make listeners feel as helpless as she is. You can’t help but plead to the heavens with her, as strings and background vocals push along these heavy emotions. Anacy is pushing the boundaries of traditional pop music with her newest single. Her ability as a songwriter is on full display through this fearless approach to storytelling. But this is something listeners want to hear. In an era where people are pushing their own boundaries of romantic encounters, Anacy is following them along, creating relatable music that listeners can’t get enough of. It encompasses her overall creativity as an artist.

Anacy-Rose Tainton was destined to work in the field of arts and entertainment. Her initials spell out ART, which isn’t a coincidence. She was introduced to music and dance at an early age and performed in many talent shows and singing competitions. As her overall talented evolved, she also pursued a career in radio. You can listen to Anacy as a presenter on MFM Radio, based out of her home area of Cape Town. Along with a career in radio, she’s become one of the better artists in the Indie-pop music scene, and her material keeps getting better. Anacy is an independent artist streaming on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. You can follow her on social media through her Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Written By Camden Luca


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