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  • Lyndsey Cheng

Review: "Destiny" - GLO

Have you ever thought about your purpose for being in this world? Why you were placed in this position as a human being? We were put on this earth to do something and everyone has their own goals to accomplish; it's just a matter of discovering what that purpose is. People have their own beliefs and reasons for all the choices they make, and “Destiny” by GLO is about the path that takes you where you are meant to be in life. The cliché saying, “everything happens for a reason” is the best way to put it; it's your fate why things are the way they are. All the obstacles you’ve went through had to have happen to get where you are now. All the life lessons you've learned have made you the unique person that you are today.

GLO starts “Destiny” off with a soft piano melody that gives a heavenly ambience. Her gentle vocals create an emotional feeling combined with her relatable lyrics. The chorus is paired with GLO’s harmony in the background which captivates the listener and gives a dreamy sensation. The consistency of the harmony along with the melody was a nice touch and added to the peaceful mood. There is also an electro-pop influence to the groove to balance out the calming tune. GLO is able to stop the airflow in the next verse after the chorus which shifts into a different direction making it more upbeat. She has control in her voice where she’s able to hit higher notes giving the whole track a variety of attractive sounds.

GLO is a singer/songwriter and producer born and raised in the Bay Area and grew up in Southern California. Her influence for music is from the places she grew up creating "diverse musical inspirations." She is known for her “creative melodies, angelic harmonies, and powerful vocal mantras.” Since “Destiny,” she’s released “Money Mantra” early this year and “It’s A Vibe” late of last year. She’s earned over 900 monthly listeners on Spotify. “Destiny” is the first single from her four song EP called, “in my feelings.” It has a combination of moody, uplifting, and inspiring pop music. Make sure to check out GLO!

Written By Lyndsey Cheng



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