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  • Karlee Skipper

Review: "Deux" - Elijah Blake x Jordin Sparks

Elijah Blake and Jordin Sparks have teamed up again for another incredible collaboration. After the high praise of their joint EP, 1990 Forever, fans are overjoyed with the release of their latest single, “Deux”. The duo has been teasing this collaboration for a few years, as the track is a duet remix of Blake’s solo track, “Rendezvous”. Sparks provides her own verse in this song, with a twist on the original lyrics and production. The track explores the intricacies of a sensual relationship and the secret meetings they partake in. Before the intimate lyrics are introduced, the first verse describes her mundane everyday work life. The track begins with Sparks singing the new lyrics: “7:10 just getting in// It’s been a hell of a day// Studio straight to the stage” and “Cruising the 101, traffic always in the way.” These lines set the scene of a long, tiring workday that is met by Los Angeles’s frustrating rush hour traffic. Then, the track slowly transitions into the passionate lyrics, such as “Been anticipating, it got my heart racing// Impatient, I bet this night will be one to remember.” This stark contrast emphasizes that without their partner, their life is dreary and dull. But when they are off work, their mind is only focused on them and how they make each other feel. Sparks continues to sing, “Had to be at the door to see your reaction// Oh baby your gift is me, I’m at your service// Look at you smiling// Out here acting nervous// You better prove to me this trip was worth it// Need you to focus, I know I deserve it.” These lyrics fully transition the track into the seductive storyline, before Sparks starts singing the chorus, and Blake takes over by singing the second verse found in the original track. The flow of the song is so natural that unaware listeners would never know it was a remix unless they have followed Blake and Sparks closely over the years. Their chemistry with each other is so effortless and “Deux” is another excellent addition to their collaborative discography.

“Deux” is a sensual pop song with hints of R&B that effortlessly blend together to create an unforgettable track. Sparks immediately kicks off the song singing with the keyboard sound in the background. The simplicity of the production allows her flawless vocals to welcome the listener to the track as they are mesmerized by her heavenly, yet powerful voice. After a few measures, the bass and the high-hat synth sound effect are introduced, guiding the listener through the track. When the chorus hits, the production switches gears, transitioning to a guitar that provides a jazzy vibe to the track that ebbs and flows perfectly with Sparks’s outstanding falsettos. Then, Blake starts singing and the second verse commences. The synth production changes slightly from the first verse, keeping a similar production of his original solo track. In the background, the guitar comes and goes with the melody, providing an effortless flow to the track. Similar to Sparks, Blake’s voice astounds the listener with the beautiful vocals and incredible breath control. In the background, Sparks sings enchanting harmonies that perfectly complement the melody. The pair has a long history of collaborating, and “Deux” only further exemplifies how well they work together. Their vocals were made to harmonize with one another and lulls listeners into a feeling of comfort. Furthermore, the official music video for the track perfectly encapsulates the seductive element of the track through the fiery visuals and undeniable chemistry. With “Deux”, Blake and Sparks leave fans anticipating even more phenomenal collaborations.

Elijah Blake is a two-time Grammy Award winning singer, songwriter, and producer. At 16-years-old, he signed with Atlantic Records and collaborated with Trey Songz. Then in 2012, he released his debut Mix Tape, Bijoux 22. Then in 2014, he released his debut album, Shadow & Diamonds. Blake has a long impressive list of songwriting credits, including collaborations with artists, such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Usher. Jordin Sparks is an American singer and actress. In 2007, she became the youngest contestant to win American Idol at only 17-years-old. Her self-titled debut album came out later that year, selling over two million copies worldwide. The album included hit songs such as “Tattoo” and “No Air”. Not only has Sparks released unforgettable hits, she has also starred in several television shows, movies, and two Broadway musicals. She has made herself a household name, proving her undeniable talent.

Written By Karlee Skipper




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