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  • Emily Hancock

Review: "Devil’s Work" - Andi

Passionate and truthful, Andi releases single, “Devil’s Work”, about the struggle of keeping up with social media and its effects on mental health. Often, we find pressure from society to put time and effort into creating a flawless looking life online. Our pictures must be posed right, edited and have perfect lighting in order to be presented to the world. Along with this, we face the challenge of also having to look the part of perfect. Beauty standards are obsessed over and ultimately unattainable. These two huge parts of our lives, are the most detrimental to our health. So much stress wasted on what we hope our image will be. We work to create a great looking life, when in reality, we are suffering and miserable. Our health and bodies taking a toll from the pressure and drama of life. “Devil’s Work” discussed topics many are scared to speak on publicly. The single boldly takes on this issue and does a beautiful job of uplifting the right images.

“Devil’s Work” is a powerful ballad that dives deep into not only issues of today but also into musical ideas and concerts. The single is a heavily piano based concept with incredible falsetto vocals. Andi brings in a unique sound to the world of music, while she might seem like any other pop vocalist, her sound goes far beyond it. She sings with talent and pure beauty. Remaining in the high register all while retaining a smooth and angel like aura. When listening to “Devil’s Work”, I couldn’t help but feel moved in a way I don’t usually feel. Simple the combination of the melodic elements like the piano and smooth and soft synths, made an almost kind of hauntingly beautiful tone. Along with the movement of the music, the lyrics were a movement in of itself. So many people struggling behind the scenes to keep up with an impossible goal- Andi sheds light on the truth of it all. It made me feel desperately sad for all of us in today’s society, listening to this song that is being brutally honest. Andi paints this scene in a way that made me realize new things and also made me feel deeper about myself. The beauty of this tune is one to be admired and taken to heart.

While relatively new to the music scene, Andi is no stranger to the art form. From singing at the age of 6, to writing songs at the age of 11, Andi has all the right experience to make a name for herself. Gathering more than 1 million followers on TikTok since the start of the year, along with 160,000 more Spotify followers, Andi has quickly become a name to know. To make matters more impressive, Andi began her career at the age of 19, and continues to shock her fans with her fast amounts of talent and passion for music. Andi has a goal of using self-awareness to connect with her fan base as she discusses trials and tribulations that come with age. This New Jersey native has so much more in store for her fans. Make sure you keep up with Andi, she’s a name you won’t want to forget!

Written By Emily Hancock



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