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  • Amanda Palacios

Review: "Did It Hurt?" - Ellise

Messy breakups are strenuous to navigate. There’s a constant illusion swirling around you, blurring the right steps to take, pushing and pulling you in multiple ways. Ellise encompasses her mixed emotions while losing someone she loves in her newest single, “Did It Hurt?” a devilish rock and roll breakup anthem. The hard-hitting music poses almost as a melancholic melody, especially when paired with the dysphoric lyrics. “Did It Hurt?” is a compass pointing in different directions, with Ellise finally deciding to take the hardest route: leaving him.

Does she leave? Does she stay? Ellise is picking the petals of her brain, flickering between the good and the bad of the relationship. Her lyrics say it all, with its chaotic and vacillating pre-chorus, “Tattooed my name on your heart/ Then pushed me outta your car”; “And I can leave you again/ But I’d be dreaming of when/ I taste apologies right off your tongue.” Her raw feelings fill the stanzas and production of the carefully crafted song, as she says is structured to show, “…the full spectrum of emotions a person can go through in such a short amount of time while dealing with losing someone they love.” It is clear that this breakup was far from the trail of placidity, which is exactly what she wanted to portray. She did in fact, in its full and unfiltered form.

LA-based singer/songwriter, Ellise, is a dark-pop wonder whose fame launched in 2016 on social media after posting herself singing covers of well-known songs. Her first crazed single, “911” almost instantaneously went viral and landed her an established name within the pop-music industry. Ellise’s dark take on the unpolished side of love is enthralling and has captured the ears of a wide audience. With over a million streams per month, her fanbase continues to grow steadily after each single she releases—proving she is an artist worth watching out for.

Written By Amanda Palacios



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