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  • Tessa Maddaloni

Review: "did U notice me?" - Anna-Rose Clayton

Anna-Rose Clayton’s newest single “did U notice me?” is a feminist pop anthem about a world where women take the reins over the men, a direct contrast to the society we really live in. The song is faced past and upbeat, and centers around how the singer puts her wants and needs first over male counterparts’. This mentality is such a change from normal day to day life, which is why this single hits so hard and is so enticing. In my opinion, the world is canonically run by the male half, without a thought to the female preference. Clayton pokes fun at the men, calling them needy, and her cheeky tone is uplifting and sassy, showing her character through her lyrics. She dethrones men in many ways, and puts women in a position of power.

Her verses and intro are indicative of her tone, but my personal favorite is the sass that comes through in her chorus. The song opens with a gradual increase in electronic background pulses, but comes to a swell at the chorus when she sings “1 2 3 / Did you notice me? / Think I’d rather leave tonight” in the first line. I feel like it is a common thing to wait for the man to make the move of when to leave the club or party setting, especially when it comes to going home together. Here, she is stating that she is going against this trend, and that she’d simply rather leave when she feels like it, with or without a man by her side. She continues on to sing sassy lines like “I don’t need you now” and “Think you’re not that wow”, yet again establishing her power to be denying male attention and shutting him down.

Anna-Rose Clayton is British born, but moved to the Netherlands at age five to start her music career. As a singer, she is known for her electro-pop hits. Her music calls for dancing and excitement, and her personality and sass truly shines through. She gives a similar vibe to Carly Rae Jepsen and Kim Petras, with her feminine vibe mixed with the dark electric beats. She was recently named one of 3FM’s “the 10 of 2024”, a list of the top ten Dutch performers that 3FM predicted to have a successful year. She has reached almost 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and has a couple of other singles that have also garnered her extreme success, such as “No Room 4 U” and “nEw Me”. Make sure to follow the social medias below to stay tuned for more fun music from Anna-Rose Clayton.

Written By Tessa Maddaloni



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